Michigan Executive Director Folds Under Pressure


Michigan GOP leader Jason Cabel Roe has announced his resignation as executive director after sparking a conflict with other Republicans in the state over comments made in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Roe claimed that there was not any chance that voter fraud could have affected the results of the election in Michigan. His resignation comes after a widespread backlash from Trump supporting Republicans.

Leading Michigan Republican quits

Many leading Republicans assumed that Trump supporters would be purged from state leadership positions in the aftermath of the election, but the opposite appears to be happening at the moment.

One Michigan Republican who led a campaign to oust Roe from his position argued that he had effectively been fired instead of resigning voluntarily.

Michigan is one of several swing states which experienced some rather questionable election night behavior before Joe Biden was declared the victor.

Jason Cabel Roe opposed efforts to audit the results and examine allegations of fraud which other state Republicans wanted to scrutinize.

Incredibly Roe claimed that there was no election altering fraud in a state which contains the city of Detroit. This assertion should be almost impossible for any serious conservative to make with a straight face.

More likely it was opposition to President Trump which led Roe to fight against efforts to investigate allegations which most Republicans in his state wanted their leaders to address.

No fraud in Detroit?

Roe and other Republican moderates have made self-congratulatory statements about their involvement in protecting democracy and the rule of law through their opposition to election audits in Michigan and other swing states.

Apparently these Republicans expected to be rewarded by the new regime for their preemptive loyalty because it is exceedingly difficult to believe that they are really so convinced that corruption does not exist in America.

Much as these Republican insiders might wish to present the issue as being solely about President Trump, rank and file party members in a number of states have felt intentionally snubbed by such remarks.

Enabling an investigation into voter fraud in Michigan would not have returned Trump to office but it could have undermined the legitimacy of the Biden Administration.

Protecting this legitimacy would be an odd priority for any conservative Republican who understands what that administration is intending to do to America.

It is laughable for anti-Trump Republicans like Roe to continue to claim that they are acting solely out of interest in saving the Constitution while they are propping up an administration that is actively working to shred that document.

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