Mother Arrested After Disturbing Facebook Photo Sparks Public Outrage


One Virginia teen mother was arrested after she posted a disturbing image of her infant on Facebook. When online users saw the image of the distressed child, it sparked public outrage.

Recently, Alexis Breeden, an eighteen-year-old mother from Spotsylvania County, Virginia found herself in hot water after a controversial image of her son was posted on social media. In the image, Breeden’s fourteen-month old son is suspended in the air and hanging from a hook by his twisted t-shirt.

After seeing this distressing image, viewers were left horrified and the picture quickly spread across Facebook like wildfire.

The image captured the attention of the local sheriff’s office after several people posted it on their page. Sgt. James Konicki told CBS6 that an investigation uncovered that the child was actually hanging from a planter hook rather than a nail as previously suspected however, he still added that “the child was absolutely fine”.

The father of the child had apparently posted this photo in retribution following an argument with his former lover—Breeden. As such, Breeden faces felony child abuse charges but has since been released on bail for $2,500.

Unfortunately for Breeden, this isn’t her first time facing trouble with law enforcement officers. Before this incident occurred, she had pleaded guilty to assault and battery against one of her family members and was forced to take anger management classes as well as undergo mental health evaluation due to it.

Additionally, she violated a court order which resulted in another charge against her—one that would have taken place prior to this unfortunate incident occurring.

In response to receiving criticism online about what happened ,Breeden took to Facebook where she wrote: “The cops came to my house twice last night and saw that he was fine.” She went on further to say “Mind your own f****** business.”

However after being interviewed more recently by CBS6 about the situation ,she claimed otherwise—stating “I regret taking the picture even putting him up there… I really do” adding “I didn’t do anything and I never will do anything hurt my son.” Despite these claims made by Breeden though it appears Child Protective Services (CPS) aren’t convinced given they have placed her son into care with another family member while only allowing supervised visits with his mother until further notice pending resolution of her felony case.

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