Multiple Nights of ORGANIZED Riots: Report Reveals the Toll


Lincoln, Nebraska is no urban metropolis but Black Lives Matter managed to do a whole lot of organized damage with their peaceful protests. The report just came in detailing the damage from a single “five-day stretch between May 29 and June 2.” That was only the direct aftermath of the George Floyd incident. Riots, looting and burning have “peacefully” ravaged the countryside and the city streets from coast-to-coast.


All that peaceful mayhem was organized

On Wednesday, the police department in Lincoln, Nebraska, handed the public “a detailed 35-page report about the five-day stretch, including timelines, data, images, and video.”

Chief Jeff Bliemeister insists that “they’re using what happened that weekend to improve training and improve relationships.” Hopefully, they will be training how to crack down on those who plan organized violence. According to Lincoln Police, “nearly $3 million in damage was caused.”

The chaos erupted so quickly that police were caught totally by surprise. The crowds wouldn’t have gathered so quickly unless professionally organized.

“I think we still had this impression, a lot of our officers had the impression, that we were not going to be the target of acts of aggression.” All that changed in a single night.

Protesters who had been peaceful throughout the evening started to get aggressive around 2:00 a.m., when the mob started blocking the street. They were bold enough to peacefully “assault officers by the EZ Go nearby.”

According to the police, the organized, Antifa-inspired, Black Lives Matter mob hurled “cans, bottles, bricks, and rocks” at law enforcement providing security to the business and prevent rioters from torching the gas station. Inside, “nearly $71,000 in damage had already been done.”

The anarchists raged out of control until dawn. “I believe it was the mob mentality that took over,” Chief Bliemeister notes.

Bottles of gasoline and fireworks

The next night, as the sun sank in the west, “a group of 200-300 people started marching on main arterial streets.” All peacefully organized by activists associated with BLM and antifa offshoot groups.

When they got to the Hall of Justice around 11:00 p.m., “bottles and other projectiles started being thrown at officers.” Some “were full of accelerants, and fireworks were launched in the direction of officers to ignite those bottles,” which thankfully didn’t work.


Someone started shooting. The report includes video evidence that shots were fired at the Hall of Justice building while there were dozens of officers standing below.

Footage shows “a second floor window shattering because of a bullet, just feet from a female investigator who was inside taking pictures.” It’s scary that “Unified command and many of the officers present were not aware that occurred,” Bliemeister admits.

“It wasn’t until days later that the department became fully aware of all of the shots fired.” Nobody blames any of the activists who organized it.

From late Saturday night into early Sunday morning, numerous acts of vandalism and arson were documented on Lincoln Mall and across the city.

The organized madness was made easier by the fact that the police department “has been grossly understaffed for years.” The report makes it crystal clear that “limited resources prevented quicker movement down Lincoln Mall to avert significant property damage.”

Attempts at a curfew were useless because the organized protesters ignored them and the outnumbered police couldn’t enforce them. All they could do was “make periodic requests for people to leave and go home.”


The mob responded with fireworks and bricks, “along with sporadic paintballs and other projectiles.” Some call that “insurrection” but not a thing was done about it.

Shortly after midnight on June 2, “a group of about two dozen people entered the Target parking lot and tried to break in. The building was boarded up, but there was still about $50,000 in damage done.”

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