Murder Rates are Surging Out of Control, Here is the List of Cities and Which Party Runs Them


At least twelve major American cities have had record breaking years for murders, with several weeks still to go in 2021. Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Paul, Portland, Tucson, Toledo, Baton Rouge, Austin, Rochester, and Albuquerque are the lucky twelve which have managed to make 2021 their deadliest year on record. You already know which party runs those cities; to confirm, all have Democrats as their current mayors.

Twelve cities see record breaking year for murder

2020 was already a deadly year for most cities in the country, with homicides overall rising by around 30% from 2019 according to data released by the FBI.

That was the largest single year increase ever recorded since the FBI began keeping track. 2021 statistics certainly will not show a significant decrease in murders.

Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City did not break their records, though they are hardly getting any safer. Violent crime is becoming increasingly common in New York City but it still has not matched the record set in 1990 yet.

Republican Rudy Giuliani famously managed to cut down on crime to a great extent after the worst of the 1990s but recent trends indicate that, with Democrats back in control, the city is sliding back into its former position.

If the largest cities are not represented on the list of record breakers it is largely because these are cities which have, traditionally, not had crime problems nearly as severe as the nation’s most populated urban areas.

Portland and Tucson, for instance, have not generally been regarded as especially dangerous cities. Now that is quickly changing, with Portland recording 72 murders this year and Tucson recording 80.

Country becoming more dangerous

A notable exception is Philadelphia, which has enjoyed a dismal reputation as being one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country for a while now.

The City of Brotherly Love has been in the news repeatedly lately for brazen shootings taking place in broad daylight, sometimes seemingly at random.

Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney, addressing the massive spike in homicides, described it as “just crazy” and said that “this needs to stop.”

Gee Mr. Kenney, if only you had the power to do something about that. None of these cities are lacking in the resources needed to crackdown on crime, despite their best efforts to drive out police officers.

The only reason so many people died in all of these cities this year is the complete failure of political leaders to make a serious effort to crack down on crime and keep criminals locked up.

The problem is not limited to the worst neighborhoods of Detroit and Chicago anymore. The whole country is getting more dangerous for normal Americans and it is entirely due to a decision made by politicians who prefer to coddle violent criminals.

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