How Mysterious Obama Death is Linked to Hillary Clinton…

The sudden drowning death of former Barack Obama White House chef, Tafari Campbell, has put a spotlight on the death of another chef who served in both the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.

Walter Scheib was a 61-year-old chef who went missing after a fishing trip in New Mexico only to be found dead from drowning shortly thereafter.

While these two events are not directly related, they do bear certain similarities that cannot be ignored.

Walter Scheib had been serving as a chef for the Clintons since 1994 before he decided to take a fishing excursion in Yerba Canyon near Lobo Peak in New Mexico.

Unfortunately, just prior to his departure thunderstorms had rolled through making conditions treacherous – something which would ultimately lead to his demise.

Though cell phone data collected by investigators suggested that this was likely an unplanned trip as no one other than him knew about it, Scheib’s intentions were unclear due to his recent relocation from Florida.

All told, it took authorities over a week before they were able to locate his body using sonar equipment and further investigate what happened that fateful day.

Just over five years later tragedy struck again with the passing of Tafari Campbell who died while paddle boarding off the coast of Edgartown Great Pond on Martha’s Vineyard – President Obama’s compound where he now resides with his family although they were not present when Campbell drowned according to officials.

It remains unknown why exactly he was there at all or how he ended up in such deep waters but what is clear is that he leaves behind many broken hearts including those closest to him like his wife Sherise and twin boys Xavier and Savin along with President Obama himself who released an official statement expressing sorrow: “He’s been part of our lives ever since, and our hearts are broken that he’s gone.”

At this point it is difficult for anyone outside their respective circles to make sense out of these tragic events especially considering their similar circumstances yet one thing is certain – both men will be remembered fondly by those closest them for years to come…

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