New Updated List of Republican Traitors Who REFUSE to Do the Right Thing


With the dramatic ousting of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the battle for who will act as replacement continues to heat up. Now, more and more Republicans are rallying behind Rep. Jim Jordan as potential next speaker but there are still some members that are holding out.

Eleven “moderate” Republicans remain hesitant to pledge their support for the Ohio Congressman which has provoked a response from fellow party members urging them to prioritize party interests over personal agendas.

With a vote potentially happening as early as Tuesday, October 17, many eyes are on these remaining holdouts as well as Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries who is exploring a potential power sharing deal with Republican representatives.

Rep. Jim Jordan has always had strong backing amongst GOP voters but it was recently confirmed by an internal closed door session where he secured 124 out of 81 votes from GOP conference members – a significant margin that has only strengthened following recent endorsements from “moderate” Republicans such as Austin Scott and Kevin McCarthy; both initially attracted votes away from Jordan before ultimately deciding to back him in his run for speaker of the house.

Fellow party members have publicly urged those still holding out on pledging their allegiance to put aside their personal agendas and unite behind Rep Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) who particularly vocally challenged her colleagues to public debate and reminded them of the overwhelming support Rep Jordan enjoys among republican circles; this sentiment was echoed by Reps Ronny Jackson (R-TX) and Byron Donalds (R-FL).

Should Jim Jordan be elected speaker of the house it would ensure that GOP’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden could continue – an avenue he has led for months as Judiciary Committee Chair whilst also pushing forward causes near and dear to grassroots conservatives including ending funding for war in Ukraine, parents rights bills, securing southern borders etc.

It is clear that although there remains some discord among moderate Republicans regarding who should lead them forward they must come together now if they wish to avoid any further disruption between themselves and Democrats ahead of the upcoming vote.

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