News Crew Receives Beat Down Right in Front of White House


A news crew, allegedly with NBC, was caught on camera being beaten down in Lafayette Square Park by a mob of “peaceful” protesters. NBC refuses to admit it even happened, much less report the incident. There isn’t a word about the violence in any other mainstream outlet either. If you watch carefully, there’s more to this video that the minions of Darth Soros don’t want you to see.


News crew off limits

One commentator to the video posted by Ian Miles Cheong notes that the cameraman had a security guard who was acting as “his guide as he’s walking backwards in a group.” Then Auntie Mame writes something that George Soros would rather she hadn’t, “what I see is the protesters pulling him up then forming a line saying ‘chill the [profanity] out. This is what they want.”

In other words, some of the rioters got the memo and some didn’t. Be as violent as you want, as long as there aren’t any cameras around and any news crew is “off limits.” They’re supposed to get free passage. Even though there’s rampant burning and looting, these are officially “peaceful” protests not “riots.”

Nick price points out the absurdity with a little dialog to emphasize the point. Police warned the press to stay away, “for their safety.” The press calls them “fascists” for trying to “silence” them. “Rioters- ‘look at the size of that camera.’ Press- ‘Help! Police! Help!’ Police- ‘we did warn ya.’ Press- ‘Police use excess force as they rescue camera crew.'”

Race riot propaganda

What we have going on across our country are “protests,” the followers of the New World Order insist. “Riot” suggests “pandemonium,” African American studies professor John powell argues. He teaches at Berkeley, California where free speech was born and died. He refuses to capitalize his last name because the ancestor who gave it to him was a slave.

“What’s happening across the country and across the world is a call for justice, a call for police accountability, for the recognition that black lives matter too.” Looting and burning are perfectly reasonable as protests. Just please make sure never to call that “rioting.” Riots are “meaningless” violence. Never let a news crew catch you throwing a Molotov cocktail or torching a police car unless you can claim to be angry about something, then it’s perfectly okay.

To give the race war a little bit of legitimacy, there had to be an outrageous incident to “protest.” What happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota seems totally staged to fit the needs. Four men dressed in police uniforms apparently murdered George Floyd. In broad daylight, in front of a crowd. The whole “episode was filmed before a live audience” as they say. Floyd worked with his alleged killer and may have been in on the scheme. Even more outrageous rumors suggest George Floyd may still be alive and living in the Bahamas.

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  1. They are making kids afraid of Police on a LIE.
    Black Americans  account for  13% of US population . 
    96% of Blacks are killed  by other blacks 
    1.7%  by Police . 
    Black lives Dont matter to other black people .

    94% of Blacks were killed
    by other African Americans

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