Obama Forgets He is No Longer Relevant…Delivers Holiday Rant That No One Cares About

Barack Obama is back out in public making his rounds as he promotes his new book. He wants you to know that America is still racist, Trump is a bad guy and remember to wear your mask. When will he shut up?

Barack Obama is back

Obama just won’t leave us alone. Will someone tell him that his time is over? It’s MAGA season now. Obama very reluctantly endorsed Joe Biden for president at the last minute.

The 44th president was probably waiting to see if his old VP would make it that far.

By some miracle, Sleepy Joe got the Democratic nomination so Obama hit the campaign trail in an effort to drag him across the finish line.

Now Obama is doing a string of TV and radio interviews. He looks old, grey and totally exhausted. But he has a new book to promote and he’s probably getting tired of being stuck on Martha’s Vineyard with the wife.

He also took some time to write a message to the American people, telling us to obey the government and wear our masks. “Let’s all do our part in this Thanksgiving to keep people safe and healthy.

Celebrate virtually if you can. Wear a mask. And as always, listen to the experts. The choices you make could save lives,” Obama said on his Twitter.

Listen to the experts, he says. The experts want our businesses ruined, our schools closed and our holidays canceled. They’re completely drunk on power and they are hiding behind this silly virus as an excuse.

Of course, Obama also took some time to call Trump and his supporters racists. In an interview with Atlantic Magazine, Obama claims that Trump “took advantage of racism to win his election.”

Radical Lefties seem to think all 74 million of us Trump supporters are Nazis, so it’s perfectly acceptable to spit on us or assault us in the streets. Regardless of the election outcome, it’s clear there will be no unity anytime soon.

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