Pentagon Bombshell…It’s on Congressional Record


Senior Pentagon official Gil Cisneros was dragged in front of the House Armed Services Committee so they could force him to “read and explain divisive statements against White people from one of his employees.” He had to face the facts squarely, in front of them and on the Congressional record. They were furious even before he took the witness stand and got angrier as they went.

Waking the ‘woke’ Pentagon

On March 23, Pentagon Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gil Cisneros was placed under oath and interrogated relentlessly. The House Armed Services Committee is demanding to know why our military personnel are not ready to provide defense from Chinese threats.

The brass is more focused on diversity and inclusion than battle strategy. A war is coming and, at this rate, it’s clear that we’ll lose and lose bad.

Cisneros is the Pentagon official personally responsible “for determining the outcome of a probe into former DEI chief Kelisa Wing over divisive tweets about White people.” She referred to “Karen,” for instance.

When New York conservative Elise Stefanik got her turn to quiz the official, she fired up a blow torch and started roasting his nose with it like a marshmallow. “Mr. Cisneros, are you familiar with the tweet? Can you please read the tweet aloud?

That’s exactly what he did. The post reads: “So exhausted at the White folks in these PD sessions. This lady actually had the caudacity to say Black people can be racist, too. I had to stop the session and give the Karen the business. We are not the majority. We don’t have power.

When he got done reading, the Pentagon official just sat there quivering. Stefanik prodded him with a stick. “This is wildly inappropriate and unacceptable. Do you agree with that, Mr. Cisneros?” That was a loaded question, about to go off with a bang.

No disciplinary action

Cisneros was quick to tell the committee what they wanted to hear. “I do agree that that is not acceptable.” The DOD wouldn’t “condone” that. It was the right answer but not what he really thought.

The committee wasn’t buying it because the Pentagon report he just turned in “said it will issue no disciplinary action to its former diversity, equity and inclusion chief, Wing, over her statements about White people.” That means they do condone it.

Matt Gaetz of Florida picked up the blow torch and shifted to a more vulnerable point to toast. “I would like to go back to the tweets of the racist person that works for you. What does ‘Caudacity‘ mean?” Cisneros was quick to admit, “I have no idea.” Gaetz knows the word.

You took six months to investigate one tweet. You didn’t even figure out what the words meant?” He glowered. Cisneros backpedaled to say he wasn’t in charge of the investigation. That means the Pentagon lied when they “repeatedly cited him as responsible for determining the outcome of the probe.

Gaetz found that amusing. “Someone at the Pentagon is throwing your name out there as being responsible for this? And now it looks foolish that you’re suggesting you don’t know what that means.” That was just the beginning of the abuse. “You said in a Fox News Digital article that you were going to take 30 days to investigate, and it took you six months,” Gaetz reminded. “In a six-month investigation you guys didn’t learn what the word ‘Caudacity‘ meant?” Amazing. Your tax dollars at work.

I think, you know. I think every person that’s going to watch this exchange knows, you know, it’s she’s trying to lash audaciousness with someone being Caucasian, isn’t she?” Cisneros cowered under the table whining “I have no idea. We do not support racist tweets. We do not support racism.” Has she been fired? Well, “I did not hire her,” Cisneros whimpered. He has no idea why Black people can’t be racist, either. At least none he would admit to congress.

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