Disturbing Details Surface…Officials Knew All Along


Court and prison officials in the state of confusion called Oklahoma should have known better than let pedophile pervert Jesse McFadden loose on the public. They had what lawyers like to call “constructive notice” that he was dangerous to society. The evil monster who killed five innocent children and his wife managed to “commit a sex crime against a minor while in state prison.” They let him out anyway.

Pervert did it in prison, too

Before 2020, pedophile pervert Jesse McFadden was serving 17 years in prison for raping Krystle Strong. He did that back in 2003 when she was a young and tender 16-year-old. By the time police cornered him, he was “down by a river with two slit wrists.” The pattern of abusive molestation, remorse and attempted suicide just repeated, with an entirely different outcome. He was scheduled for trial on kiddie-porn charges the day after the tragedy was discovered.

There never would have been a tragedy if the officials had listened to Ms. Strong when she warned them. “In 2020, I actually got a hold of the court system and said, ‘You guys are going to let him out after I’d just seen this splashed across the news, and he had a court case with another young girl,” Strong alerted. “You guys are still going to let him out?‘ This shows that he has not changed.

It all started when Krystle Strong heard McFadden’s name mentioned in local news stories. The TV screen was showing screen shots of threatening text messages which the pervert sent to his latest underage victim.

He tried to intimidate her into silence by tapping out: “This is all going to be on you.” The phone he was using to send the threatening texts happened to be “contraband.” He wasn’t supposed to have one in prison. In 2016 it was discovered and authorities learned that besides the threats there was a whole stash of “alleged child pornography” on it.

The pervert even had an image of his latest victim’s “learner permit and birthdate.” Despite the discovery of a fresh crime in 2016, McFadden was set loose in 2020, with charges pending for “allegedly trading explicit images” with the then 16-year-old, from his cell.

As Fox News notes, he “got out, got married and is now believed to have killed five teens, his wife and himself.

Ex thinks he flipped

All of this is “hearsay,” of course, but we’re not in court. According to Ms. Strong, “Holly’s ex told me,” she begins, “he thinks that Holly found out that [McFadden] might have been molesting one of the kids and just, he flipped.” That sort of makes sense.

We don’t know, but I think it might have had something maybe to do with that, something about his trial coming up, because what he screenshotted and what Jesse texted and said to [the 2016 victim] was, and I quote, ‘This is all going to be on you.” Once a pervert… as they say.

Ambrosio Rodriguez spent more than a decade prosecuting child abuse and sex crimes. He notes “it’s too soon in this Oklahoma case to know exactly what happened.” Even so, “it’s safe to say some agency screwed up. Jesse McFadden showed such sexual aggression that he was apparently willing to commit a sex crime against a minor while in state prison. That’s a new one for me in my 26 years of practicing law.

That shows he’s such a pervert that he didn’t realize what he was doing was wrong and intended to do it again. Nobody in the prison system or the courts considered that enough of a red flag to do anything about.

Details are sketchy but from the bits and pieces coming in, it appears that the pervert planned a special sort of “slumber party” for the night before his big pedo-porn hearing. Brittany Brewer a 16-year-old local beauty queen and her 14-year-old friend Ivy Webster were either invited or kidnapped for a sleepover.

Grandmother Janette Mayo identified the other four victims as her adult daughter Holly Guess, who was McFadden’s wife, and her grandchildren, two girls and a boy. Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Michael James Mayo and Tiffany Dore Guess. They were friends with the “missing” girls. All were found dead in various parts of the property but Brittany and Ivy were found next to each other.

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