Our Tax Dollars Are Now Funding…

tucker carlson
tucker carlson

Republicans and American citizens alike have been fighting against sending additional aid to Ukraine for quite some time now. After the billions upon billions of dollars we’ve already sent, what else could they possibly need? Well, thanks to a recent report, it looks like we’re funding more than just weaponry.

The recent report by CBS News program “60 Minutes” showed us that President Joe Biden and Congress are sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, far more than what is necessary for bullets and bombs. In addition to the war effort, the money is being used to pay salaries for Ukrainian civil servants, buy seeds and fertilizers for Ukrainian farmers, subsidize small businesses, fund police and firemen, and train rescue dogs.

This means that instead of spending our tax dollars on our own citizens here in America who are struggling from Biden’s failed policies such as his fentanyl crisis or illegal immigration situation at the border-we’re now using it to benefit another country whose citizens feel “grateful” and “great” for this aid.

After news broke that Joe Biden was diverting money intended for Americans to foreign countries like Ukraine instead, many people were outraged over this decision-especially considering how much damage he has already done since taking office.

Arizona firebrand Kari Lake took her frustrations out on Twitter saying “Not. One. More. Penny. To. Ukraine.” Movie producer Todd Headlee also chimed in asking “Did the American people sign on to this? I’m pretty sure they did not”- a sentiment echoed by many other concerned citizens across the nation who have had enough of their hard earned tax dollars being spent elsewhere when there is obviously so much work left to be done here at home first.

Joe Biden is leaving America in a far worse place than when he took over-and pouring billions into Ukraine only makes matters worse for those of us living stateside under his rule.

It’s time we all take a stand against this injustice before it gets any further out of hand; after all if we don’t put ourselves first then who will?

We need change now more than ever; it’s time we start voting with our wallets before it’s too late.

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