Patriot Promises to Set Himself on Fire For Freedom


Patriot Ron Coleman will be setting himself on fire for freedom on Saturday, September 24. It’s come down to that. Millions came pouring in to the convoys in Canada. Millions more were donated to “The People’s Convoy” this spring. Why isn’t anyone donating to the Grey Wolf Walk Across America For Freedom? Ron can’t even get anyone to pay for the gas he needs. American patriots funded those movements because they were convinced the truckers were going to start a civil war.

On fire for freedom

What does it take to get a donation in support of American Freedom? Ron Coleman asks. “Do I have to set myself on fire?” If that’s what it takes then that’s what he’ll do. Not literally, of course. He’s not going to douse himself in gasoline and go out once and for all in a blaze of patriotic glory. Instead, he’s ready to give one heck of a rousing speech.

He’ll tell you all about how he became a modern day pony express rider delivering everyone’s messages direct to Congress. It’s time our elected representatives heard the voices of those they represent. Ron wants to dump sacks of letters from the heartland of America on them.

We the People made a peaceful pilgrimage to Capitol Hill in March. They were there to talk calmly and respectfully to Congress and did it quite effectively. They made a lot of progress but didn’t get the job done. That’s why Ron is walking back to Washington and he’s getting no support at all. He’s too peaceful. He’s trying to build a fire of freedom and fan it into a blaze of peaceful political change. He can’t do it alone.

Patriots Find Themselves Far From ‘Galt’s Gulch’

Part of the problem is that he’s being suppressed by the powers that be. Everyone knows that the mainstream media refuses to cover any interest which seems remotely conservative. Until yours truly came along, Grey Wolf wasn’t even getting any conservative coverage. He walked most of the way up the Rockies and was totally under the political radar the whole time.

Colorado isn’t known as a hotbed of conservative thought so locals aren’t coming out in droves to wish him well. Not everyone in the area is a liberal. Conservatives simply haven’t been alerted that he’s there and nobody knows who the Grey Wolf is or why he’s doing what he’s doing. That’s why he’s lighting a signal fire letting every patriot along the route know he’s there.

Those of us who do know who he is, what he’s done and more importantly, what he could do are paying close attention. The Deep State is paying close attention too. He has more monitoring robots and lurking agents of the law, than he does supporters in his YouTube chats. At least, that’s how it was on day 82.

Come out and show your support

If you live anywhere in the state of Colorado, you owe it to your children and grandchildren to set yourself on fire emotionally and stand up for their FREEDOM and say hello to Grey Wolf. You can get details of where he’s at day by day on his website. Bring your flags and the whole family. Write up a note for congress and he’ll carry it to Capitol Hill for you.

If you aren’t in Colorado, you probably know someone conservative who is. Tell them to go show support. Have them tell all their friends and neighbors to go and show support. Just stand up and be counted while we still have a chance for it to make a difference. If you don’t do this now, there may not be another chance. This is that serious.

After you convince your Colorado acquaintances to come by, reach down deep into your pocket and send what you can to one of the donation links. Buy the movement some gasoline to keep the fire burning the rest of the way to Washington. All the details are on the page.

It’s not a handout. This is a paycheck for all the hard work that Ron Coleman has been putting in for more than 83 days now. He’s doing the work and he’s getting stiffed by his American patriot employers. Politics is not a spectator sport and you personally could make the crucial donation that tips the balance to success over failure.

This author has put his money where his mouth is. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with the Grey Wolf as soon as we can arrange the details. I hope to be proudly wearing my Official Sponsor T-Shirt when it airs. It’s expected to arrive tomorrow.

I’ll be on hand at the big barbecue for Freedom on Saturday as Ron lights himself on fire for your freedom and hope you will be too. Let’s show the forces of evil darkness that there is still a light burning for freedom from the top of the Rocky Mountains. Donate Now. Thank you for your support.

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