Pending Probes Focused on ‘Godfather’ Joe Biden


ICYMI – When Congress reconvenes next year, the Republican probes will be jabbing at Joe Biden, personally. As America was busy celebrating this year’s harvest holiday feast, Senator Ted Cruz took the opportunity to clarify for everyone that none of the experts in the corruption oversight world really care about Joe’s crack addicted offspring. The focus, he declared, is on “the godfather.

Probes of Joe not Hunter ahead

Nobody really needs to investigate Hunter Biden for anything. The probes will be focused like laser beams on Joe. He’s the “big guy” benefiting from all the illegal corruption. Conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz told the public in his most recent podcast that Joe is the Biden family “godfather.

It’s also exactly why his party needs to “turn its attention to Biden in their investigations, and not focus on his embattled son.

The focus needs to be on Joe Biden, this is not about Hunter Biden, any more than if you’re going after the mafia and you catch some low level enforcer, or you’re going after a drug cartel and you catch some mule who swallowed balloons full of heroin.” The probes have already proven that Hunter wasn’t a low level player.

More importantly, heavy duty and highly credentialed experts have independently confirmed, more than once, that every email oozing out of Hunter’s nefarious laptop is 100% certified “authentic.” Every major dude will tell you that those reports of “Russian disinformation” have all been debunked harder than Pizzagate.

It’s not about the poor schlub. who got caught? Yeah. It’s about the boss,” Cruz emphasized. “It’s about the big guy. It’s about the Godfather, Joe Biden is the godfather. He is the one who ultimately is profiting on this corruption.

Joe is the one the probes will prod. “He is the one who is abusing official authority to further the criminal activity of his family members. And that’s why this is an issue of public corruption.

Other family members

Hunter isn’t the only Biden family member who the probes will be sticking, Joe’s brother James is on the hot-seat, too. Merrick Garland and the Just Us Department want congress and everyone else to think the big deal is Hunter.

They “desperately” want “to keep this on,” Hunter and his shady shenanigans. That’s why the DOJ has been out in front of Hunter’s “drug problem.” James and Joe haven’t been smoking crack.

Senator Cruz was quick to fact-check the Propaganda Ministry spin. “We wouldn’t be talking about it if it was just one deeply troubled soul. The reason we should talk about it, and the reason why the corporate media and the Democrats desperately don’t want to talk about it, is there is now growing evidence of corruption from Joe Biden himself.” Not just now, but back when he was second in command to Ole Big Ears.

The reason we need a whole bunch of corruption probes is because, today, Joe Biden occupies the Throne Room of the Imperial Palace, “personally enriching” himself and his family “by selling official favors to enemies, hostile foreign governments.” That, Cruz insists, “is an issue of highest importance.

The Palace is already pushing back, “playing defense” against probes from every Republican heavy hitter. Democrats can’t count on RINOs like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney to block their colleagues for them. Cruz and a whole bunch of his fellow Senators, including Charles Grassley, will be highly involved in the house-led investigations.

An official palace spokesperson announced His Wisdom “is not going to let these political attacks distract him from focusing on Americans’ priorities, and we hope congressional Republicans will join us in tackling them instead of wasting time and resources on political revenge.” Republicans counter, “don’t hold your breath.

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