Police Telling People to Wrap Their Keys in Foil to Prevent Car Theft

Our cars are one of our most significant investments, enabling us to get to work, transport our kids, and do a million other activities.

As such, it’s critical we keep them safe and sound.

In the past, car security options have been limited however, with modern technology comes an ever-present cyberhacking threat that drivers must consider.

Thankfully there is an inexpensive way to help protect your car’s key fob from would-be robbers using something you likely already have in your pantry: aluminum foil.

Do you remember The Club?

This 1990-era visual deterrent was designed to lock onto the steering wheel and alert potential thieves that stealing the vehicle would require extra time and effort.

While it did not stop theft entirely, most criminals moved on when they saw The Club.

With today’s advancing technology though, motorists need more than just visual deterrents for protection against cybercrime.

Moshe Shlisel (CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies) suggests keeping your key fob in a metal can wrapped in aluminum foil as a means of deterring this type of crime.

When stored without adequate shielding – like on a counter or in a pocket – crooks can easily boost or copy the code needed to access your automobile without you even knowing about it.

Holly Hubert (former FBI agent & cybersecurity expert) goes so far as saying that aluminum foil is “the most inexpensive way” for consumers to combat this rapidly evolving threat according to WSB-TV.

Until auto manufacturers are able to address this issue with their own engineering solutions then wrapping your key fob in foil is recommended as an effective security measure by experts like Shlisel and Hubert alike.

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