President Trump Drops Shocking Announcement About the Deep State


President Donald Trump made a shocking announcement during an interview over the weekend. He knows things which haven’t been revealed to the public yet. The president insists the new information gives him all the evidence he needs to “break” the Deep State conspiracy. Before and after the election, high ranking Obama administration officials in the FBI, DOJ, and intelligence community treasonously plotted against him.


President Trump wants rolling heads

On Sunday, President Trump sat down with Sharyl Attkisson over at CBS to tease the public with inside information. “Other things are going to come out,” the president notes, “a lot of other things.” They may be disturbing but they’re still only the icing on the cake. “you don’t even need other things,” he added. He’s anxious to see some rolling heads. “I would like to see it move much faster.”

The Deep State has been trying to “derail” his presidency since day one with bogus “investigation into possible collusion” between his campaign and the Russians. “If it keeps going the way it’s going, I have a chance to break the deep state.”

A rebel group of rabid Hillary Clinton fans infesting the Federal Bureau of Instigation and Department of Injustice. Their tentacles reach through the CIA, NSA, and other spy agencies. One of their puppets in Congress, Adam Schiff, just got busted hiding transcripts which were declassified two years ago. They prove the only ones colluding with Russia were Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, and the bulk of Barack Obama’s administration. “It’s a vicious group of people. It’s very bad for our country.”

Dirty cops in the FBI

President Trump didn’t have many nice things to say about the FBI, calling it’s former Director James Comey a “dirty cop.” His deputy director, Andrew McCabe was another “bad guy.” The current so-called “Director” of the blackmail operation started by J. Edgar Hoover is Christopher Wray. He has been maintaining Fifth Amendment silence since the transcripts Schiff was sitting on were finally released.

The President was as proud of Richard Grenell as he is angry with the others. While serving temporarily as acting director of national intelligence, he was the one who broke into Schiff’s locked filing cabinets to liberate the evidence. “Richard Grenell is a superstar. He had guts, he had courage to do what he did,” Trump beamed. Former DNI, Deep State Dan Coats is a whole different story. “Coats, he sat there,” Trump said. “He didn’t do anything.”

The president has high hopes for Grenell’s replacement too. “We have another superstar going in — as you know — John Ratcliffe.” The Texas Representative will take over starting Tuesday. The pair of them are working the case now.


Russia fed Steele ‘disinformation’

Not only did Grenell break loose the transcripts, he published the list of “Obama administration officials who requested intelligence reports regarding Michael Flynn.” They wanted them so they could leak to the press. Back in April, Grenell ruined things for Barack Obama by revealing “declassified footnotes from a Justice Department inspector general’s report.”

The footnotes prove the FBI “had evidence in 2017 that Russian intelligence operatives fed disinformation to Christopher Steele.” They knew it was fiction and used it anyway. They flat out lied to the FISA court to get a wiretap on Carter Page. That gave them an illegal ear on the Trump campaign.

On Saturday, Grenell revealed that he’s working on getting even more documents out to the public. Christopher Wray remains strangely silent on all these new developments. He should be out in front telling America what went wrong and how it will be corrected. “These people didn’t do anything for two and a half years. They should have been exposing this.” Grenell is starting to look like a candidate for Wray’s job.

  1. The FBI aka the Dirty Cop Club top level brass are corrupt scumbags. I hope that Trump’s camp fire’s them, indicts them, arrests them and prosecutes the scumbag traitors.

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