Psaki DENIED by Judge


A massive team of lawyers representing former Palace Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki was totally unable to persuade a federal judge to let her off the hook. U.S. Magistrate Ivan Davis ruled that her sitting for a deposition locally would not be an “undue hardship.” She didn’t bother to appear but 11 of her lawyers did.

Judge punts Psaki to Louisiana

The decision Judge Davis made on Friday was not to make a decision. Jen Psaki is one of the named defendants in a lawsuit filed in federal court, jointly between Louisiana and Missouri.

They allege that the Biden regime “conspired to silence conservative voices on social media.” She got a subpoena to give a deposition and wanted it quashed. “Nope,” the court ruled.

Psaki’s team of legal eagles made the fatal mistake of filing their motion in Alexandria, Virginia. They hoped a friendly federal Judge based near D.C. would agree that Ms. Psaki “had no relevant information to provide,” so “a deposition would place an undue burden on her.

Gestapo General Merrick Garland had half the Just Us Department in court to support “her efforts to quash.” Davis wasn’t buying it. He also wasn’t going to give them grounds for an appeal.

Rather than “reject her request outright,” Judge Davis “transferred the case back to Louisiana, where the lawsuit was filed.

Making it a “somebody else’s problem” is the best way to make something annoying simply vanish. Meanwhile, the Louisiana court “has already issued an order saying that Psaki and other government officials can be deposed.” That order is already under appeal.

Davis ‘unfamiliar’ with issues

Judge Davis had an airtight way to wriggle off the political hook on this one. Psaki lives in Virginia and that’s where the deposition would be held. Davis declared in open court that “it makes no sense for him to wade into the questions of whether Psaki’s testimony is relevant” when the trial court “is more familiar with the case.

Besides that, he disagrees that it’s an undue burden. If she were properly under his jurisdiction, he observed, she would be sitting for the depo.

As Judge Davis formally noted for the record, “Psaki failed to show how sitting for a deposition in her home state would be an undue burden.

Not content to leave it there, he added, “in fact, if Psaki has little information to contribute, as she alleges, it shouldn’t be much of a burden at all.” After all, he notes, “how much time does it take to prepare a witness for deposition when she doesn’t really have anything to say?

The problem is she does have things to say. The Louisiana Judge will get to oversee the trial deciding whether Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci and others conspired “with social media companies to restrict free speech by censoring conservative opinions about the COVID-19 response and other issues.” Mark Zuckerberg kicked over a hornet’s nest when he spilled his guts in an interview.

Psaki was the official government mouthpiece urging “social media platforms to do a better job of blocking disinformation on their sites.” In one particular briefing, she quipped, “we engage with (social media companies) regularly and they certainly understand what our asks are.” Who’s “our” will be one of the deposition questions. What “asks” will be another. Thanks to Judge Davis, we’re one step closer to the day which will only get more miserable for her, as the questions pile up.

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