REPORT: CDC Caught Bankrolling Democrats


A report issued by the Federal Election Commission reveals that left-leaning progressives at the CDC have been bankrolling “Democratic and even progressive-leaning candidates” for the past fifteen years.

CDC prefers Democrats almost exclusively

Starting in 2005, at least 550 CDC employees “donated more than $285,000 to the Democratic Party and their candidates.” Now that they’ve been caught, the deep roots of the liberal bias they use to sabotage President Donald Trump have been exposed. According to the FEC, the “number one recipient for the donations was ActBlue,” which is the Democratic Party’s “online fundraising platform.”

CDC employees shelled out heavily for “Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.” The Center for Disease Control has been stacking the deck against trump since the moment he entered the political scene.

Republicans didn’t get much support from within the liberal CDC. Only five pitiful employee contributions “were sent to a Republican Political Action Committee or candidate.” Out of those, “Three of the five contributions were made to President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.” They totaled just over $1,000, compared with the “flood” of money that was funneled to “progressive candidates in March when the World Health Organization declared the Wuhan coronavirus as a pandemic.”

Coronavirus is here to stay

“The total amount of money employees contributed to left-leaning causes” by the end of the March reporting period, “was nearly three times higher than the previous five-year average.” Not only that, “the total amount of contributions more than doubled compared to the previous five-year monthly average.” It’s no wonder that CDC officials won’t listen to a single thing that President Trump has to say, even if he is in charge.

President Trump has kept an open mind and accepted guidance from the disease experts as appropriate, especially early in the outbreak. Now that we know the CDC relied on flawed data, and also that the coronavirus is here to stay, it’s time to shift the strategy.

Instead of hunkering down and trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle, it’s time to accept the inevitable and get back to work. Liberals at the CDC who do the bidding of George Soros and the globalist powers that be want to prevent that, at any cost. They know that a strong economy is the biggest weapon that President Trump can use against them.

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