Rioters Destroy More of America’s History, This Time They Tear Down Famous Presidential Statue


Across the United States, rioters have left carnage in their wake, which has included the defacement of historical monuments and statues.

A group of destructive rioters gathered Sunday evening in front of Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon – where they vandalized and tore down a statue of our nation’s third president, Thomas Jefferson.

Another Day, Another Statue Destroyed

Thousands of agitated vigilantes engaged in the 17th night of protesting the death of George Floyd – a man who died while in police custody.

Most of the group reportedly left school grounds to march to a nearby park when a smaller group tore down the author of the Declaration of Independence’s statue from its pedestal.

Oregon Live reported:
“At about 7:15 p.m., a crowd of more than 1,000 left the high school grounds to march to the park. By the time they returned, a statue of Thomas Jefferson had been pulled from its pedestal, apparently by a smaller group. The statue fell on its side and a dent was visible in the concrete where it fell. Earlier in the day, the statue’s pedestal had been defaced with graffiti that, among other things, identified Jefferson as a slave owner.”

Americans Are Fighting Back Against Rioters

Despite the establishment media’s bleak coverage on the topic, Americans are standing up across the country in defense of our historical monuments.

Michelle Malkin, a conservative writer and journalist, organized a Defend Our Monuments rally on Flag Day this past Sunday.

Other like-minded patriots and I joined Malkin in Colorado Springs, where she was able to organize a sizeable peaceful gathering in less than 24 hours with very little outside help.

We stood united in front of the General William Jackson Palmer monument, which had been vandalized by Black Lives Matter protestors.

BLM Attack Anti-Slavery Figures

Palmer was a Quaker who left his pacifist lifestyle behind to serve as a general in the Civil War in an effort to end slavery. Palmer founded Colorado Springs and gave substantial amounts of his earnings to literacy programs for freed slaves.

Despite his exceptional legacy, BLM protestors vandalized his monument.

“It’s always said of the right; they don’t go out there, they don’t go protest, they don’t go out onto the streets. But increasingly with both of the pandemic and riot situations hijacking our country, if we don’t stand up for our country, our historic American nation, who will?” Malkin said on Newsmax.

Malkin has encouraged others across the country to stand on their feet and follow suit with their own Defend Our Monuments rallies.

Rioters have been defacing and tearing down monuments of all historic individuals – apparently assuming that if someone is being celebrated, that automatically must mean that person has racist ties.

Several other monuments depicting abolitionists have been desecrated.

For example, monuments of Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, and slavery abolitionist Matthias Baldwin have been defaced.

Riots across the country have been responsible for unrest that has destroyed black neighborhoods and have killed black Americans in the process.

Action is Needed to Preserve History

To blame rioter’s actions on ignorance alone would be ignorant in and of itself.

As more monuments continue being vandalized, conservatives and American-loving patriots across the country have a choice to make – stay in the shadows or take a stand for the preservation of American history before it’s too late.

  1. It is time for the rioters of all colors to be taken OUT! And soros, the democrats who started all the BS to steal the government. They are the most evil group of people EVER!

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