Security Shuts Down Assassination Attempt


An armed man was able to infiltrate the security detail of Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. by “impersonating a U.S. marshal.” Police later identified the suspect as 44-year-old Adrian Paul Aispuro.

Security scare for Kennedy

On Saturday, September 16, Los Angeles Police Department identified the armed man arrested by legitimate security the previous day, at a campaign event for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as Adrian Paul Aispuro.

Police were contacted on Friday at around 4:30 p.m. by staffers for the Democratic presidential contender, regarding a man with “a loaded gun in a shoulder holster and a badge stating he was a U.S. marshal.” He isn’t.

As related by the Los Angeles Police Department Aispuro remained in custody Saturday in lieu of $35,000 bail.

Kennedy was quick to praise his private security detail, “Gavin de Becker and Associates, who first ‘spotted and detained an armed man‘ who attempted to approach him during a campaign speech timed to Hispanic Heritage Month at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles.

In a formal statement, the Kennedy campaign explained that “the man claimed to be part of the candidate’s security team.” It fell apart pretty quick when the suspect demanded “that he needed to be taken to the candidate immediately.

It was easy to see he was armed. They didn’t react in any obvious fashion but parked him off to the side to dial 911.

Brother drove him down

Raymond Aispuro ended up getting arrested along with his brother simply for giving him a ride to the apparent assassination attempt. He’s as confused as Kennedy by what happened. Raymond admits that both he and his brother are Trump supporters but he doesn’t hold any grudges against Kennedy or anyone else and is shocked at what his brother is accused of.

He never saw it coming. His out of work sibling asked for a ride telling Raymond he had a new guard job. That wasn’t unbelievable because “Adrian Aispuro had previously worked as an emergency medical technician and in private security.

Neither of the brothers made it any closer to the candidate than the check in line. When the suspect approached a security guard “checking people into the event, Aispuro was asked to wait outside.

Raymond reports that his “brother backed up a few feet and that’s where he stood the entire time,” which wasn’t long. “Within minutes, the cops showed up.” They arrested both of them and hauled them in for questioning.

Kennedy isn’t a major enough candidate yet to qualify for Secret Service protection. Because of his father’s assassination while a political candidate, the protection is usually extended to those with a chance of winning, but not until the period running a year before the election.

Barack Obama got his security team early due to a number of threats. Kennedy might just qualify after this scare. The candidate’s uncle was also infamously assassinated for his political views so there’s probably more than enough to justify covering him early.

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