Serious Questions Raised, Joe Biden Rushed Back Home After Botched Press Conference

Serious Questions Raised, Joe Biden Rushed Back Home After Botched Press Conference

After failing epically at his first real press conference since taking office, Joe Biden was rushed home to Delaware earlier than was originally planned.


Causing a serious jam in Friday afternoon traffic, Biden arrived in Delaware ahead of schedule. According to Delaware Online, “Biden was slated to leave Washington for Delaware around 6:15 p.m. Friday but left the White House shortly after 3, arrived at Joint Base Andrews via Marine One helicopter at 3:12 and was wheels up on Air Force One at 3:27.”

Many were concerned about Biden’s mental health during the press conference, as he seemed to trail off and forget what he was saying on several occasions. Some have speculated that the schedule switch-up is a sign that Biden’s handlers were concerned as well, and perhaps embarrassed over the failure of the press conference.

Since he was sworn in, Joe Biden has taken four weekend trips home to his house in Delaware.

After the stress of the press conference, Biden’s handlers likely wanted to bring him home to a place he is comfortable in. Many conservatives have pointed out that these handlers are committing elder abuse, and the press conference was just more evidence to support that argument.

“Joe Biden’s Press Conference should be used as evidence for elder abuse,” tweeted Terrence K. Williams, a comedian and political commentator.


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