She Discovers a Deceased Veteran is on the Plane, Her Next Move Will…


As passengers were boarding a plane, this one airline employee discovered that a deceased veteran was taking his final trip home to be buried. And once she found out that she’d be shared the flight with the deceased soldier, she stood up in front of the entire airport and made a scene.

When an airline transports the remains of a fallen soldier, it is a delicate matter for everyone involved. There is proper protocol that must be followed in order to show respect and sensitivity for the precious cargo.

Recently, when a Vietnam veteran was being discharged on his final journey, passengers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport were humbled into silence. Then something remarkable happened–Alaska Airlines employee Denise Snow stepped in and sang the National Anthem as a tribute to him.

The recorded video of Denise Snow’s rendition has since gone viral. According to Julia Collman Jette who witnessed the moment with her husband Neal from Seattle, Washington, nearly everyone in the airport stood still and offered their respects during this moving performance.

It was truly heartwarming to see an employee of such a busy job take time out of her day to honor our country’s military personnel in such an exquisite way.

It is believed that music has remarkable power and can evoke strong emotions within us all regardless of our political affiliations or beliefs. The beautiful voice of Denise Snow was able to bring everyone together at what otherwise may have been an uncomfortable situation–an airline transporting the remains of a fallen soldier home from overseas after two decades of service in the U.S Military forces.

Although she isn’t required by Alaska Airlines to do anything special for military personnel, she chooses this gesture every time someone makes their final trip home or travels with Honor Flight – which provides free transport for veterans visiting war memorials across America.

It’s clear that Denise Snow hopes attention will be diverted away from her talents and toward those whom she honors instead – true selflessness.

The video can be viewed here.

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