She’s Been Sentenced For Setting Fire to an Abortion Clinic

abortion clinic
abortion clinic

A former college student is now paying the price for a shocking act of arson, as 22-year-old Lorna Roxanne Green has officially been sentenced to five years in prison after setting fire to an abortion clinic in 2022. The fiery incident caused over $300,000 in damages and put the local community at risk.

The Wellspring Health Access clinic that Green set on fire was supposed to open its doors in June 14th of 2023. It would have offered services such as abortion and hormone therapy for transgender individuals.

However, all these plans were foiled when Green decided to break a window before filling aluminum pans with gasoline and starting the facility on fire.

After the attack, law enforcement officers arrested Green several weeks later due to witnesses identifying her as the perpetrator of said crime. When questioned about her motives behind this reckless act she claimed it was because of anxiety and nightmares caused by the knowledge that the clinic was going to open soon.

In July of 2023 she pleaded guilty to “arson of a facility engaged in interstate commerce” and received a sentence from a judge consisting of five years in prison and three years of supervised release from U.S Attorney Nicholas Vassallo who stated: “No matter what an individual’s opinions or objectives may be, the use of violence and property destruction to advance them is never acceptable.”

Following this announcement there were mixed reactions from both sides with some applauding Vassallo for sending out a strong message about criminal behavior while others felt that Green’s punishment was too harsh considering her age at time of offense.

Green expressed remorse during proceedings telling judge she regretted her actions saying: “I accept full responsibility for what I have done” – when asked when exactly did she realize she made wrong decision replying “I knew right after”.

Despite being targeted because it offers abortion services, the clinic is currently open offering health care services such as hormone therapy, assistance with changing legal documents, wellness visits etc.

However, Wyoming passed an abortion ban earlier this year but it was temporarily halted by a district judge who argued that court needed to first determine whether abortion is healthcare protected under state law.


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