SHOCKING Chris Wray Allegations…The Investigation Begins


Some FBI agents, both current and former, are accusing Christopher Wray of “embezzlement.” Allegations are swirling over the way he treats a government Gulfstream as his own private jet. They might have a point and investigators will be investigating.

Wray has ‘business’

Chief instigator for the Federal Bureau of Instigation, Christopher Wray, loves to fly around in his own private jet. One “which originally was intended by Congress only to be used for counterterrorism purposes.” Chris uses it to go fishing.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley still has smoke coming out of his ears since the way Chris so smugly lied straight to his face on August 4. He had business to attend to alright, monkey business.

Grassley isn’t the only American demanding to know how Christopher Wray can get away with cutting short a senate oversight hearing “to fly in the FBI jet to his family holiday destination in the Adirondacks.”

He told Senator Grassley that he had to split because he had “business” to attend to. Grassley replied, “serious business, I assume.” He assumed wrong and when he found out Chris went fishing, he popped his cork.

By the time the senator calmed down enough to communicate without using four letter words it was August 15. That’s when he sent off a “formal letter” to Wray, inquiring whether that particular flight was in “compliance with the applicable federal regulations and requirements.”

He also wanted to know if Chris is “properly reimbursing federal taxpayers for your personal travel aboard government aircraft.”

Chris gets around

The dubious director seems to have a seriously busy schedule, his jet has “been flying back and forth an awful lot to Atlanta, where Wray has a house in the exclusive Buckhead district.” In the past four months, Chris and his private Gulfstream have made eight trips there.

He must have important official business in the city because “it currently is the No. 1 most popular destination for the FBI jet.” His wife is also from there and “her family has been part of the elite for seven generations.”

Perhaps, the New York Post speculates, “at 55, Wray is planning for life in Atlanta beyond the FBI, where it is almost certain that his career will be cut short once Republicans take charge of his employment.”

Not only does the plane make a bunch of short hops in and around Georgia, some of them seem even more bizarre. These are the ones which have bureau agents talking about “embezzlement” around the water cooler. That’s what its called when someone “knowingly converts government property to one’s own use.” They should know.

There were “several curious flights logged” in June. The jet “is recorded taking off from DC or Manassas en route to Atlanta and then circles around for a few minutes before ­returning.” That sounds more like a confidential business meeting where nobody can listen in to the conversation.

For instance, “On Sunday June 26, it took off from DC at 9:52 a.m., circled for 15 minutes and landed at 10:07 a.m.” If that wasn’t enough waste of jet fuel, “Two hours later it took off again from Manassas at 12:03 p.m., circled and returned at 12:21 p.m.

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