Shocking New Jan 6th Footage Reveals…

Newly uncovered footage from January 6th demonstrates the extreme force used by Capitol Police Officers in responding to peaceful protesters.

The video, released by independent reporter Julie Kelly, shows an onslaught of violence that resulted in several people being knocked down and dragged away from what had been an empty rotunda. These events have caused many to reconsider the actions taken by law enforcement officers on that day.

The footage highlights a highly concerning pattern of behavior from Capitol Police officers who attacked peaceful protesters with excessive force.

Despite the fact that no one was being violent or acting threatening towards police,  officers still chose to enter the room and start pushing and punching members of the crowd. This was followed shortly after by ATF and FBI swat units armed with rifles.

It is entirely unclear why such extreme measures were necessary when no one posed any threat inside a government building emptied of lawmakers and staff.

Adding to this mystery are confirmed reports of undercover law enforcement assets encouraging protesters to climb barricades and enter the Capitol Building—despite these individuals not having done anything wrong beforehand.

Bodycam footage has captured plainclothes MPD officers climbing construction scaffolding while yelling “go, go, go” at peaceful demonstrators standing outside the Pavilion urging them to move closer towards the building itself.

Additionally alarming is a separate set of footage showing D.C Metropolitan police using tear gas projectiles against Trump supporters who were simply standing outside the building earlier in the day—even before anyone had entered through its doors yet. On top of this, one officer can be heard frantically demanding for more “blast munitions” over video which ultimately ended up being supplied despite there being no perceived threat present whatsoever.

It is utterly unacceptable for law enforcement officials to use excessive force against peaceful protesters without provocation or justification—yet this appears to have happened multiple times during January 6th’s incident at our nation’s Capitol Building.

We must demand answers as we investigate what exactly took place on our federal property that day so as ensure such abuses never happen again in future similar scenarios going forward.

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