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ICYMI – Muckraking activist James O’Keefe made Project Veritas a household word for conservatives and liberals alike. Conservatives love him and liberals hate him. He didn’t get to be so popular or controversial without doing his best to push the envelope. Sometimes, he pushed a little too hard but to make an omelet, eggs simply have to be broken. The corporate board of directors don’t like the way he throws his weight around his own company, so they pushed him out. He’ll be back, he promises the public. Though it’s a shame to waste all that “branding” image he built up at Veritas.

James O’Keefe too controversial

James O’Keefe admits he can be more than a little obnoxious but that’s his job. He put Project Veritas at the top of the headlines time and again with his undercover sting videos. So maybe he plays a little fast and loose with the rules to get them. Maybe he even spends too much of his company’s money on his own priorities.

The suits who pay the lawyers to get them out of the inevitable legal complaints think their founder should be less of a liability. That, he reminds them, defeats the whole purpose of what he does and why the company got started. They’re supposed to make trouble.

Since that’s the way the wind blows, O’Keefe bowed to the inevitable and cleaned out his office. You’ll miss me when I’m gone, he quipped, on his way out the door. He already has plans in the works for a new incarnation.

It will be interesting to see how well Veritas does without the motivating spark and driving force running the controls. All along, James has been the one digging up the juicy dirt.

On Monday, February 20, executive director for the project Daniel Strack informed some of the staff that “O’Keefe had issued an ultimatum demanding that the board of directors resign as a condition for him to stay.” They said “no.

R.C. Maxwell, a spokesman for Project Veritas, tweeted that the founder “was removed from his position as CEO by the Project Veritas board.” Nobody is answering the phone for comment.

A rival organization

O’Keefe was in good spirits Monday as he “notified employees of his exit” and packed up his belongings from corporate headquarters in Mamaroneck, New York. He hinted to staff that “the mission will perhaps take on a new name.” That sounds like he plans to keep going on his own.

I don’t know why this is happening now,” he announced, accusing his internal adversaries of “ruining our reputation in front of supporters and donors.” They’re also “leaking confidential information and fabricating stories.

The workforce at Project Veritas is much more shaken up over what happened than James O’Keefe is. Everyone knows that he IS the company. Everyone except the bean counters. “O’Keefe’s exit spells an uncertain future for Project Veritas, a controversial organization closely identified with its 38-year-old founder,” Washington Post reports.

O’Keefe’s secretly recorded videos, sometimes landing their subjects in hot water, have been shown to be selectively edited, often leaving out key context.” Still they get it right a whole lot more often than not, which is why pharmaceutical giant Pfizer hates him so much.

The whole company was started and managed by O’Keefe but suddenly his assistants think they can do his job better. They put out an 11-page document which accused their boss of “demeaning his employees, mistreating donors and squandering the group’s resources. One person labeled him a ‘power drunk tyrant.‘”

They say power drunk tyrant like its a bad thing. That’s exactly the reason he gets along so great with Donald Trump. The people in this world who move and shake it to get things done aren’t polite and politically correct. The cut corners in the name of results and sometimes that bites them in the rump. That’s what insurance and legal teams are for.

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