Shocking Report About Russian Forces


This latest shocking report should leave the United States very concerned. Recent news has revealed that Russia has plans to arm the Iranian-backed terror organization, Hezbollah with military equipment.

According to U.S. officials who spoke with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, November 2, the Wagner group will provide SA-22 air defense systems which utilize anti-aircraft missiles and 30mm rounds for protection against aerial attacks.

The Wagner Group is a Russian mercenary organization operating as an extension of Moscow’s international ambitions led by Yevgeny Prigozhin until his death in a plane crash in August 2020. Since then, their presence has been felt most especially in Syria where they are allied to Hezbollah terrorists according to reports from the WSJ.

It was also reported that they attempted a short coup against Moscow earlier this year due to their dissatisfaction towards Russia’s handling of its invasion into Ukraine.

Hezbollah has consistently shown itself as an entity far more powerful than Hamas, having already launched small scale attacks at Israel since October 7th along its northern border leading up to IDF (Israel Defense Forces) increasing its troops at anticipation of a larger offensive from Hezbollah. This could potentially draw America into conflict with Iran and other Middle Eastern countries involved or backing up Hezbollah’s actions if things were allowed to escalate any further.

The United States has continually warned both Iran and Hezbollah not get involved or start any type of war that would create bigger problems for them all around however, supplying such advanced military equipment like SA-22 air defense systems may be seen as an act of aggression rather than deterrence depending on what side you’re looking at it from.

It remains unclear whether these transfers have already been completed or not but one thing we do know is that providing weapons like these can only mean bad news for anyone involved.

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