Smiling Mom Left Her Baby in Freezer to Die, Then the Judge Does THIS

police officer
police officer

This smiling mother showed no remorse after she was discovered sealing her 8-month-old infant in a freezer to die. But what was even more disturbing was the sentencing that she received for her horrific crime.

When the residents of Johnson City, Tennessee noticed Brittany Smith, a nineteen-year-old mother, standing with her baby next to an unused freezer in their backyard they knew something wasn’t right. Little did they know that the teen mom had been planning a heinous end for her eight-month-old son by leaving him alone in an inch of water inside the deep freeze.

Her neighbors were thankfully able to intervene and save her baby from what would have otherwise been a slow and horrific death. Despite this shocking behavior, Smith was charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect but was ultimately granted two years probation as part of a plea deal instead of being jailed for attempted murder.

Most mothers are aware that raising children can be difficult work but can also be incredibly rewarding if done properly. It is distressing to think that some women don’t feel the instinctive need to protect their babies from danger at all costs which is why it came as no surprise when investigators confirmed that Smith’s infant would have run out of oxygen if not for Deborah Presnell intervening according to FOX News.

She found the baby lying in an inch of water in the freezer while searching around their yard looking for clues regarding Smith’s strange behavior before taking him into her care until Smith returned twelve hours later under suspicion of being intoxicated or drugged.

It is hard not to feel outraged at the judge’s decision offering Brittany Smith just two years probation instead locking her up where she belongs after trying to kill her child.

People reports that despite being arrested, Smith has yet to express any remorse for what she has done or even show any interest in caring for her son who has since made a full recovery and is now in his grandmother’s care.

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