Terrorist Arrested in U.S. City After Being Cleared Through Screening


A terrorist managed to slip through the cracks for a couple weeks but it’s okay, ICE insists, because they have him in custody now. “Federal immigration authorities arrested an illegal immigrant wanted in Senegal.” He’s wanted on terrorism charges.

Alleged terrorist activities

They aren’t saying what specifically he’s accused of but they’re calling it “alleged terrorist activities.

After they had him safely under arrest, Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a press release noting a 29-year-old “unlawfully present Mauritanian or Senegalese citizen” was arrested on October 17.

They say the unknown asylee “is wanted by Senegalese authorities for criminal conspiracy in relation to a terrorist organization.

As part of the conspiracy he was involved in “destruction, degradation and damages” as well as “direct provocation of an armed crowd and acts (or preparatory acts) aimed at compromising public safety.

When the unknown terrorist arrived in America, he was herded through the gates with the rest of the migrant cattle on October 3. He was processed by “Border Patrol agents at the southern border near Lukeville, Arizona.

Not a single red flag popped up and he breezed right through. They handed him a Notice to Appear in court, sometime in 2034, and put him on a bus for New York City.

Own recognizance

Without thinking twice about letting a known terrorist free in America to wander around on his own recognizance CBP forgot all about him. Then, about a week later, computers started setting off alarms.

On October 10, “ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations agents notified Enforcement and Removal Operations in New York City that he was wanted on terrorism charges in Senegal.

ICE dispatched the New York unit of their Fugitive Operations team. They sent his government tracking phone a message asking him to appear for a meeting at the Federal Plaza immigration court in New York City.

When he showed up as scheduled, they cuffed the Senegalese terrorist by surprise and without incident. Now, they’re getting ready to deport him back to face justice.

According to ERO New York City Field Office Director Kenneth Genalo, “Noncitizens who are engaged in or suspected of supporting terrorism are a direct threat to our country’s national security and will be expeditiously removed from the United States.

The terrorist threat is especially ramped up with the war between Israel and Hamas. “ERO New York City will use every tool at our disposal to keep American citizens and residents safe from those who erroneously believe they can exploit our immigration laws to escape justice in other countries.

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