They Over Hyped Numbers While Trump Was in Office, Now They are Actively Suppressing Those Numbers With Joe in Office

They Over Hyped Numbers While Trump Was in Office, Now They are Actively Suppressing Those Numbers With Joe in Office

When Donald Trump was in office, the mainstream media actively over-hyped the COVID death numbers, even keeping a COVID death toll tracker on screen throughout the days to help them attribute every death as Trump’s fault. Now that Joe Biden is in office, the media has removed the death toll tracker, mostly avoided discussing the exact numbers, and is definitely not blaming any deaths on Biden.

To make matters worse, the media and their “trusted officials” are actively avoiding discussing deaths from the over-hyped COVID vaccine. Senator Ron Johnson is now calling them out.

Senator Johnson has highlighted reports of a rising death toll caused by COVID vaccines, announcing that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported thousands of deaths from the side effects of these experimental vaccines.

The GOP senator stated that Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mainstream media have turned a blind eye to warnings from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Warning System, which has reported around 5,000 deaths.

Johnson stressed that there are many safe and effective treatments for COVID that are being ignored by the media and the Democrats in favor of pushing their over-hyped agenda of mass vaccination.

“Over 1,700 within days zero, one and two of getting vaccinated. We have thousands of people who have permanent disabilities, 20,000 hospitalizations,” he said. “That, quite honestly, compares to less than 200 deaths per year in the entire 30 year history of the VAERS system with other vaccines.”

Johnson also noted that Big Tech and the mainstream media are still censoring any information or discussion about early treatments for COVID, which should be investigated, adding that the American people are the ones paying the price for misleading information about over-hyped vaccines and the ignorance of leading health “experts.”

On his Twitter account, Senator Johnson recently shared a letter from one of his constituents about Ivermectin as a COVID treatment, in response to a recent segment from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart (watch that clip and analysis of it here) about COVID.

“Enjoyed your Late Show Wuhan virus discussion. Since I was mentioned, let me share this email I got from a constituent. Open minds can save lives,” Johnson wrote.

Here is the letter:

I am writing today to thank you for your leadership in Wisconsin as it relates to COVID and alternative treatments. My wife and I watched Dr. Pierre Kory testify before the Senate Committee about ivermectin, Dec. 8, 2020, and we were utterly dumbfounded that this treatment was not readily available as treatment and prevention to the general public.

Little did we know how valuable this hearing would be for us. In late May my wife succumbed to the COVID virus. Her case was quite severe; she will report that she has never experienced the severity of headaches and body aches in her lifetime as well as severe nausea and high temperatures.

We pursued help through one medical establishment via urgent care. She was tested for COVID (confirmed positive), told to hydrate, provided an anti-nausea prescription, and told to take Tylenol.

Over the days her symptoms worsened and her temperature increased to 102.7 so we thought it best to go to a local emergency room (different medical provider than above urgent care). Her experience was abominable. After explaining her pain and symptoms, she was provided a narcotic for pain and a sleeping pill prescription. She was then told to tell friends and family to get vaccinated based on her severe case and sent home.

As the days progressed, she grew so weak that she was not able to walk without assistance. She is a healthy, physically active woman that exercises every day and eats very healthy on a regular basis.

As her symptoms worsened, I remembered the hearing you hosted and Dr. Kory. Through your leadership on this issue, I was finally able to connect with a Green Bay doctor that provided my wife real treatment – Ivermectin and other support prescriptions. Within an hour of taking Ivermectin, her headaches were gone.

As an average citizen, it is very troubling to me to know that this information is being suppressed. I am grateful for your leadership on this challenging topic; I can safely say it has impacted our life in a very real way. Thank you!”

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