McConnell Refuses to Resign Amid Health Concerns

GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s multiple freezing incidents have caused many to question his health and ability to retain his leadership position.

In fact, both politicians and the public have called for him to resign.

Now, McConnell has broken his silence and addressed the issue, stating that he is dismissing these worries and intends to complete both his term as leader as well as his Senate term.

Recently, Dr. Brian Monahan released an update on McConnell following the Kentucky Republican’s latest episode of freezing during a press conference in Covington.

His examination revealed no evidence of seizure disorder or stroke-related issues such as TIA or Parkinson’s disease.

Many fellow Republicans spoke with McConnell after the incident and reported him to be “in good shape” and “direct” about his concussion-related lightheadedness issue.

Some leading conservatives and Republicans are calling for McConnell to step down from office, even suggesting that Congress, the President, and other members of government face age limits due to health issues facing some older individuals like Sen Dianne Feinstein (R-CA).

Former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) appeared on CBS’ “Face The Nation” where she said there needs to be “a younger generation” in Congress who can work towards improving economic policy and national security through modern methods without clinging onto power for too long.

It is clear that change is needed in Congress if we are to achieve any real progress with regards to national security and economic policy.

However, it remains uncertain whether current leaders will step aside willingly or if there are sufficient young conservative leaders ready to take their place with innovative ideas whilst remaining faithful to traditional values.

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