This Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Left Everyone That Saw It Completely Stunned…

Wheel of Fortune
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The Wheel of Fortune has been in the headlines quite a bit lately.

The show has had some controversial puzzles as well as some erratic behavior by the show’s host.

One puzzle, however, had people wondering if it was an X-rated show.

His What?

The theme of the puzzles that day was before and after.

Meaning, it was two phrases linked by a word.

In this case, it was “brushing up on my Italian” and “Italian sausage.”

The completed phrase was “Brushing Up On My Italian Sausage.”

For some viewers, that was borderline adult content.

Some fans found the phrasing “kinky,” while others just laughed it off.

One viewer wrote, “Bruh, what intern must have made the puzzle ‘brushing up on my Italian sausage’ I’m dead.”

One of the viewers that took offense, stated, “‘Brushing up on my Italian sausage’ may be one of the most lurid-sounding #WheelofFortune puzzles ever.”

During the show, Pat Sajak must have anticipated this would upset some viewers, trying to cover, stating, “Uh… it’s a grilling expression.”

It’s just a puzzle, folks, let’s dial back the outrage.

Source: The Independent Minute

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