Top Military Aide Killed by Friend’s Explosive Birthday Gift


Major Gennadiy Chastyakov, “who served as the assistant to Valery Zaluzhny, had received a gift box from a colleague for his birthday on Monday.” His death day will match because it killed him. His 13-year-old son had a hand in the tragedy and suffered serious injuries as a result. Along with the psychological trauma of being responsible for the death of his dad. It seems to be a good thing that Congress didn’t vote to send more weapons to Ukraine, because they don’t have a clue how to handle them.

A gift of explosives

What gift do you give your testosterone charged mercenary buddies for their birthday? Grenades! With friends like the one Major Gennadiy Chastyakov has, who needs enemies? It was really his own fault. The weapon went off when the major tried to snatch it from his teen’s hand.

Obviously that model has zero seconds delay dialed in by default to explode on activation. The sort that’s perfect to tie to some fishing line strung across a trail used by your enemies.

The incident happened November 6 and the gift box was reportedly an assortment of several “Western model” grenades, Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko confirms.

From what they’ve been able to piece together, Chastyakov’s son’s eyes lit up when he saw what dad got for his birthday and “picked up one of the grenades.” Without realizing the potential of the toy he held in his hand, the kid started “turning the ring.

The major saw that and acted without thinking, yanking the gift grenade from his son’s hand. But not the pin. That stayed behind and as soon as it separated, the device detonated, instantly killing Chastyakov. He’ll never make that mistake again.

All that his boss, the chief of Ukraine’s military Valery Zaluzhny, has to say is that his “assistant and close friend” died “under tragic circumstances.” Oops.

Five more grenades

Kyiv regional police arrived in due course and found “five more unexploded grenades in the apartment.” They note that “the assistant’s son was seriously injured by the explosion, and is being medically treated.

It didn’t take long for them to figure out who sent the package. Police “identified the ‘fellow serviceman‘ who gave the gift to Chastyakov, and found two similar grenades during a search of his office.

They’re treating it like murder so “criminal proceedings had been initiated and an investigation is ongoing.” Later, the Ukrainian interior ministry told everyone to take a deep breath.

Before another major Major gets pulled off the Russian front and sent to prison, they issued a statement calling the death an “accident” based on “preliminary information.” Chastyakov knew how to handle the grenades and it really was just an innocent gift, not some sort of package bomb.

According to the information we have now, we can say that it was an accident, negligent ammunition handling,” Mariana Reva, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior announced on Ukrainian TV. The gift “was in the form of a box, with a bottle of alcohol and six grenades inside,” she details. They aren’t mentioning the syringe which made it into news photos. Maybe paramedics left it there.

The friend “presented these grenades to a colleague, pointing out that the grenades were combat grenades.” Unfortunately, “the deceased did not take these words seriously,” Reva added.

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