Trump’s Daytona Entrance Was Truly Epic

This is incredible!
Trump at Daytona
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

I don’t think Donald Trump has a clue as to how to do anything on a small scale.

While numerous presidents have attended the Daytona 500, nobody has ever made an entrance like Trump.

HUGE Day for Trump

It is tough to give a race car driver goosebumps at a race, but Trump did exactly that.

It started with one of the most epic entrances of all time at Daytona, when Trump buzzed the crowd with Air Force One prior to landing…

After Trump got boots on the ground, he sent the crowd into a tizzy again when he arrived at Daytona in The Beast and did a quick lap during the pre-race festivities…

It just continued from there, as Trump gave yet another great speech to get the crowd riled up and believe me, it did not take much at this point…

Other presidents have attended the race and Ronald Reagan even gave the order to start engines from Air Force One when he was president, but no sitting president has served as the Grand Marshall and given the order on the ground.

Trump did something else that was truly special and even had the drivers in the race gushing like teenage schoolgirls who just got asked to the prom.

Trump took The Beast on the track and paced the cars on the track for the first few pace laps of the race.

There are no two ways about it… middle-class America loves Donald Trump.

Trump, time and again, has gone on the road to attend events such as this and he is regularly greeted with cheers and chants of “U.S.A” always seem to break out.

Dems can way what they want, but they are going to have an awfully difficult time removing this man from the White House a single day before the end of his second term.

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