Trump Declares 2nd Amendment Under Attack Ahead of VA Rally

Getting everyone riled up for the big day!
Donald Trump
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Democrats are hoping to use Virginia as a way to launch their anti-Second Amendment campaign.

As pro-gun and anti-gun advocates get ready to square off and do battle on Monday, President Trump declared the Second Amendment under attack…

Not Taking Our Guns

Democrat Governor Ralph Northam thought it would be a good idea to try to deny the Second Amendment in Virginia after he won the election.

Northam misunderstood a Democrat winning an election with citizens being willing to give up one of their constitutional rights.

After Northam made his announcement, the citizens of Virginia revolted, protesting, disrupting city council meetings, and creating sanctuary counties for the Second Amendment throughout the state.

The legislation was abandoned in December but the damage had been done.

The blood on that wound is not even scabbing yet, and now we come to the biggest rally state the day has, and pro-gun advocates will be out in full force to show Governor Northam what they think about his attempted gun grab.

Rally Day

Traditionally, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day for gun rights advocates and gun-control advocates to rally on State Capitol grounds in Virginia.

With tensions escalating, Governor Northam issued an emergency declaration, banning any firearm from being carried on Capitol grounds.

The order was challenged by gun-rights advocates but a local circuit court judge upheld the governor’s order.

So, pro-gun advocates will not be able to bring their guns to the rally, but there is still a lot of anger, especially considering there are new gun-control proposals back in the Democrat-led Senate of Virginia. 

With those bills currently under debate, this year’s rally is expected to be one of the largest ever.

Law enforcement is already on the lookout for trouble, knowing extremists on both sides of the aisle could show up looking to create problems.

On Thursday, the FBI announced several arrests of alleged white supremacists that were believed to be headed the rally.

With the current temperature, you can almost concede that some sort of violence is going to break out and regardless of who is responsible, you know the fault will somehow lie on conservatives.

Dig in, patriots, because as Trump said, we are under attack, and tomorrow is only going to be the beginning of what we can expect to see if we allow Democrats to gain more power in D.C.

  1. The Constitution is ALL under attack by socialism , dems want us to have a failing economy & country too with us having no way to defend ourselves against them , just like what other socialists did to Venezuela . They brag about their NWO agenda like hillary blatantly did , before she lost !



  3. Hope the democrat governor knows this is his last term as governor . If he would ask the people to vote on it things would work themselves out . But to just change the state and country laws is abuse of power . Hope the people of viginia see how the democrats work and vote them out of office befor it’s to late . The hole country should do the same

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