Trump Lawyer Walks Out Mid-Trial!

ken paxton
ken paxton

The ongoing battle between former President Donald Trump and the justice system continues to rage on. And just recently, one of Trump’s attorney’s was forced to walk out during the middle of a hearing in New York City to attend a hearing in Florida, despite efforts to delay proceedings.

Christopher Kise, a member of former president Donald Trump’s legal team had to leave the legal hearings taking place in Manhattan to attend a hearing in Florida related to documents case before U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon who was hearing both cases simultaneously. “We’ll miss you,” said Justice Arthur Engoron after Kise informed him that he was leaving the hearing according to Law360 reporter Stewart Bishop on X formerly Twitter.

Even though Todd Blanche had been expected to attend the hearing in person, it turned out otherwise with court filing asking for Kise to be allowed attending telephonically instead.

Former President Donald Trump is facing 40 felony charges in Florida stemming from his efforts to conceal sensitive government documents after leaving office. Additionally, he is being tried for four felonies related to overturning the 2020 presidential election results and inciting violence on January 6th at U.S Capitol Building.

In total, these 91 charges across four indictments include 13 additional felonies from Georgia’s election subversion case and 34 felonies from New York’s business fraud case.

Claiming political persecution by Democrats, Trump has pleaded not guilty to all of these criminal charges against him and requested that his trial be delayed until after the 2024 presidential elections due to it being an act of “election interference” by prosecutors.

However, Special Counsel Jack Smith argued against this request citing no justification for pushing forward with a pretrial schedule or delaying trial proceedings since there are multiple civil cases pending against him as well – one of which is presided over by Justice Engoron who found Trump guilty of fraud last month thus moving forward with setting punishments accordingly.

Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba insists that any possibility of him serving time in prison is absurd since Secret Service will provide protection wherever he goes and none of his actions were wrongdoings or criminal acts according to her opinion.

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