Twitter Causes Full Liberal Meltdown

The right has been fact-checked to death over the last four years.

The left is now getting a taste of it, and they don’t like it one bit.

Once the darling of the left, Twitter is now getting bashed because it is actually fact-checking bogus claims from the left.

What Is That?

Beverly Hallberg, the president and founder of District Media Group, stated, “What we’re seeing right now is Twitter trying new features; charging for blue checkmarks, for example, and relaunching Birdwatch, a crowdsourced fact-checking program.

“It’s giving users more choice in how they want their Twitter experience to be, and for the free market lovers that should be viewed as a good thing.”

NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham recently put up a study that showed that Biden was only fact-checked 40 times compared to 230 times for Biden critics.

When you consider Biden probably tells 40 lies a week, that is pretty outrageous.

On Monday Senator Warren tweeted, “Let’s be clear: President Biden has the legal authority to cancel student debt. Republican officials need to get out of the way, so Americans can get this much-needed relief.”

It was fact-checked, as you can see if you click on the tweet…

The post below was also fact-checked and found to be blatantly false…

The unique thing about Twitter is that there are no opinions on the fact-checking like we find on other sites.

You have the challenge, then the content to back it up, no backdoor justification like we often see on the Washington Post and PolitiFact.

The playing field is finally getting leveled!

Source: Fox News

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