U.S. Makes HORRIFYING Hostage Announcement… Unforgivable


There is a lot of talk about the hostages that were taken by Hamas.

There were roughly 240 people taken by Hamas on the first day of the attack against Israel.

Among those are believed to be American citizens, but the question is if they are still alive.

They Don’t Know

According to Israeli PM Netanyahu, they have information regarding the hostages, but he is just not willing to say what they know.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who has been taking serious flack over this war from the outset, had a rather grim look on the hostage situation.

He stated, “We do not know the precise number of hostages.

“We know the number of missing, and that’s the number the Israelis have given.

“But we don’t know how many of those are still alive.

“As far as the Americans are concerned, there are nine missing American citizens, as well as a missing legal permanent representative, a green card holder. And so that’s the number that we are working with.

“That’s the number that we are trying to ensure the safe return of.

“And we have been engaging with the families. In fact, I will personally be seeing family members of the American hostages this coming week.”

Nine missing Americans, a missing green card holder, and more than 200 hostages were taken, and God only knows what Hamas is doing, yet this administration is putting qualifiers on how Israel goes about fighting Hamas.

Something tells me that if a Republican were in office, this situation would have already been rectified.

Source: Breitbart

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