Warren Finally Drops Out of Presidential Race

She’s finally gone!
Elizabeth Warren
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Well, it took a few extra days, but Elizabeth Warren has finally dropped out.

That is both good and bad news for Bernie, who easily would have benefitted from her leaving the race before Super Tuesday.

Hoping Beyond Hope

Warren, honestly, should have been out of the race after Nevada, South Carolina at the latest.

Her campaign has not had an ounce of energy in it for months, but she refused to give up.

Warren was more than likely holding on until Massachusetts, thinking she would win her home state and could re-energize her campaign from there.

However, voters this year seem to be a bit more frugal with their votes, only pulling the handle for candidates they believe can actually win this race.

How else can you explain a sitting Senator losing her home state and every surrounding state that has voted thus far?

Too Late for Bernie

Warren was delusional to think she ever had a chance, but that delusion very well may have been just enough to cost Sanders the election.

Most pundits align her voters with Sanders’ voters, so every vote she had took away from a possible vote for Bernie Sanders.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume 67 percent of her vote goes to Sanders and 33 percent goes to Biden on Super Tuesday.

Had that happened, Sanders would have taken Maine and Massachusetts, Minnesota would have been a horse race. Oklahoma would have been a horse race, and Texas would have been a horse race.

Had she not been in Super Tuesday, the Joe Biden campaign may have been ended on Tuesday night, Biden is not only alive, but he is also now the presumptive nominee.

It is a very easy assumption to make that Warren, by stroking her ego and refusing to admit the obvious, cost Bernie Sanders the 2020 Democrat nomination.

But then again, maybe that was her plan all along.

  1. It didn’t ruin my day.——I do think Bernie ought to name AOC as his running mate.—-I now think they will fix things so Biden gets the nomination and then, by hook or crook,–or suicide, Hillary will replace Biden.

  2. Chief Sh*ts-In-Own-Teepee Lieawatha Warren didn’t have a snowballs chance in h*ll of winning the nomination to begin with. Great Spirit says Fauxahontas has forked tongue like Hillarybeast Clinton. Princess Pees-In-Depends is a Pathological Liar, incapable of telling truth about anything. Besides, four years of listening to Gray Beaver’ whiny voice would have half of the country deafening themselves with sharpened pencils. The bets are on that she won$t win reelection to the Senate either when it comes up.
    Good Riddance to Lying Bad Rubbish!

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