Watch as Republicans Grill the Crap Out of AG Garland Over His Dangerous Partisan Tactics


Attorney General Merrick Garland is facing intense scrutiny from Republicans in Congress in relation to his partisan campaign against parents who have been attending school board meetings to express their distaste for leftist critical race theory and transgender ideologies being pushed in public schools with their tax dollars. A memo from Garland directed the FBI to disrupt these protests and pursue parents who voice opposition to these things.

Garland confronted

Representative Jim Jordan was one of several Republicans who confronted Garland regarding the use of his department for political purposes.

Why is it, Jordan asked, that the Department of Justice has been so quick to act against concerned parents and so slow to react to skyrocketing crime rates in American cities?

Echoing Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and other Republicans, Jordan pointed out that the purpose of the memo was to spread fear of the government among American citizens.

Greg Steube asked Garland why his department is devoting immense resources to pursuing January 6 suspects but has devoted hardly anything to prosecute leftists who invaded the Department of the Interior.

The Department of Justice under the current Attorney General has made it very clear that it considers “domestic terrorism” from the right to be its most important concern.

The FBI has been helped in this matter by the ADL, SPLC, and other leftist groups who have kindly lent their definitions of right wing extremism for the government to suppress.

Suppressing speech

Garland and his Republican interlocutors have acknowledged that the FBI will not realistically be stationed at local school board meetings to pounce on parents who begin to say anything unacceptable about critical race theory.

Republicans have pointed out, however, that the Biden administration does not need to have FBI agents attending every meeting in the country.

The memo is intended to create the perception that the FBI could be present at these meetings or that it might pursue parents who voice their opinions.

The mere suggestion that federal agents could target citizens who get too vocal will be enough to convince many people that attending school board meeting protests is too risky now.

Significantly, no one from the Justice Department has been able to describe specific incidents which exemplify the sort of behavior that the memo is meant to suppress.

Providing specific examples would force Garland to admit that the memo is, in fact, meant to target political opponents with federal law enforcement.

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