This Woman Was Arrested For Praying Silently…


Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, co-founder of the March4LifeUK, was arrested for the thought crime of praying silently. Just because the arrest happened in Great Britain doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen anywhere else on the planet. Everyone should be totally outraged.

Praying silently considered a crime

Silently praying led to a police intervention and charges. Until now, everyone believedthought crimes” were an idea confined to the pages of dystopian fiction. Not anymore.

The video making viral rounds of social media may depict the first-ever actual arrest for one.

Even though she “admitted” contemplating silently in her head, free speech advocates are wondering how the prosecution can prove whatever thoughts swirling through her brain were prohibited “prayers.

Which specific parts of her alleged prayer are offensive? The video has been authenticated and really does show “police interrogating and ultimately arresting a pro-life woman who was silently praying outside a U.K. abortion clinic.

Alliance Defending Freedom UK explains that Ms. Vaughan-Spruce “was standing near the BPAS Robert Clinic in Kings Norton, Birmingham.” That’s important. The specific location had been declared a “censorship zone.

A citizen concerned for their safety called the cops. Police “approached her after an onlooker complained she might be praying outside the abortion facility.” How dare she!

Not harming anyone

Ms. Vaughan-Spruce was not approaching or harassing any passers by. She wasn’t planting bombs or even waving a sign. All she was doing was standing silently in a special spot of what would ordinarily be public walkway. Apparently that gives progressives the creeps.

Killing babies is a protected right so “authorities have established buffer zones near abortion clinics.” Praying in one is totally illegal. Now we get to find out how “enforceable” that law is. Nobody can bother to prosecute shoplifting or election rigging but prayer might turn out to be a capital offense.

The magic spot Vaughan-Spruce occupied was under legal protection, “making it illegal for people to engage in behavior disapproving or approving of abortion.” The law specifically spells out that includes “graphic, verbal or written means, prayer or counseling.” She admitted guilt to officers on the spot.

The officer interrogates, “are you praying?” Her answer got her handcuffed. “I might be praying in my head.” Good answer. She “might be.” She might have been going over her shopping list. Admitting the possibility was enough for Officer “Bacon.

When the Taliban do things like this they call it a human rights violation. The thorough detective then asked nicely if “she’d be willing to go to the station for questioning about her actions.” Again, she gave a thoughtful reply. “If I’ve got a choice, then no.

Since that’s the way she wanted it. No, she didn’t have a choice. “You’re under arrest” the fascist declared. She faces formal charges of “suspicion of failing to comply with Public Spaces Protection Order.” Nobody is sure what the penalty for praying will turn out to be. Apparently, officials never thought it through that far.

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