Woman Experiences Major Complications Following Risky Breast Surgery

For many women, getting breast implants is a way of expressing their femininity.

Unfortunately, for one woman known as Ilana, her decision to get implants for her ex-boyfriend has resulted in medical complications that require her to stab her breasts with a needle.

This story serves as an important reminder of the potential risks associated with breast implant surgery and should be taken into account before making any decisions.

Ilana’s story began when she sought out breast implants to make her ex-boyfriend happy by gaining size 38F breasts.

As time went by and the relationship ended, Ilana grew increasingly unhappy with the decision she had made and sought help from surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif from the TV show “Botched” in order to reduce their size.

Dr. Dubrow noticed dilated blood vessels on Ilana’s breasts which indicated tissue injury and damage as well as chaffy skin which was an indication of underlying pressure, tension, and generalized tissue trauma.

He knew that reducing their size would be a risky procedure due to these complications so he proposed an alternative solution: stabbing Ilana’s breasts with a needle in order to suck out the fluid which would allow the soft tissue to retract and everything to relax down so that only one operation would be needed instead of two or more.

Despite how crazy it may have sounded at first, this option seemed much safer than having multiple operations due to the anesthesia involved and other significant risks associated with surgery itself so Ilana agreed in spite of its unusualness.

Because 24,000 women underwent breast reduction surgeries alone in 2014 between ages 30-54 according to Fox News reports, this news should serve as a warning not just for those considering implants but also those looking into reductions too.

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