Woman Left Terrified After Checking CCTV and Finding Stranger Sleeping in Her Bed


The introduction of modern security cameras has helped homeowners feel more safe and secure than ever before. While some may feel that CCTV cameras sort of push the envelope and border onto paranoia, others can say that this technology helped protect them…maybe even save their life. That may have been the case for this mother.

Caitlin Sullivan was visiting her friend’s house when she received an alarming notification from the security camera in her bedroom. To her horror, she saw a strange man climbing into the bed that she shares with her baby.

What followed after this incident has left everyone in shock.

Caitlin Sullivan, 22 years old, was terrified to see a mysterious man sleeping in the bed that she shared with her baby. She immediately called the police and met them at her home in Sauchie, Scotland.

Although they removed him from the house, he wasn’t arrested. Fearing for the safety of her child, Caitlin hasn’t been staying there since then as she is scared he might come back again. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” said Caitlin. “I was so shocked – I didn’t know who he was.” She added: “It’s the fact that both me and my little boy sleep in that bed.”

The following day, Caitlin says she received a bizarre Facebook message from the intruder thanking her for letting him sleep and offering an apology. It read: “To give you my sincere apologies, I don’t keep well.” He ended his cryptic message with ‘hope to meet you one day’.

This incident has left Caitlin terrified as she doesn’t understand how he knew who she is or how he got inside their house without breaking any locks or windows. With no punishment for his actions either, it raises serious concerns about whether this could happen again or not.

Scotland Police stated that officers attended and spoke to the person but no criminality was established and no further complaints have been made regarding this incident since then.

Nonetheless, it goes without saying that such incidents can cause immense terror among people which should be taken seriously by authorities especially when parents are involved as their primary responsibility lies towards protecting their children.

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