You Now Have to Have Proof of Vaccination to Go to This School…

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Students returning to campus for the fall semester at Rutgers University must have the vaccination first, according to a statement released by the school on Thursday. “A safer Rutgers community supports a safer New Jersey for our families, our friends, and our neighbors across the state,” the Office of the President noted.

Rutgers students must show proof of COVID vaccination

All three vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson — are acceptable, though students 18 years of age or under will most likely receive the Pfizer vaccine. That one’s been approved for those as young as 16 by the FDA.

Students may request an exemption based on medical or religious reasons. Any students enrolled in online-only programs, including Continuing Education, don’t need to be vaccinated.

As CBS New York reports, Rutgers is one of the first universities in the region to have such a vaccine requirement.

“We’re looking to build the safest campus in America,” Antonio Calcado, the university’s executive vice president, told CBS New York.

“We wanna give our students, in a safe manner, back their college experience,” Calcado continued. “We do expect there will be people who do not agree with this decision, and we’ll deal with that.”

According to the CDC, more than 19% of adults in New Jersey are fully vaccinated.

Globalist scum wants to treat us like cattle

The Biden administration is working to develop credentials vaccine passports, showing proof of vaccination as individuals and businesses emerge from lockdown, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

The passports offer a glimpse of a future after months of COVID-19 restrictions. Officials say getting vaccinated and having proper documentation will smooth the way to travel, entertainment and other social gatherings in a post-pandemic world.

But it also raises concerns about about individual liberty and allowing people to refuse the vaccine if they choose. At this time, vaccines are not mandatory. However, it’s quite possible that they will slowly restrict access to travel, shopping, schools, etc. until you submit and allow them to inject you with their experimental poison. Will you comply?

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