It’s ‘Farmercide:’ Green Policies Create Planned World Famine


There is only one word to describe what the New World Order is trying to do. “Farmercide.” Killing off all of the farmers. They’re starting with the Dutch Netherlands but the Green New Deal policies are spreading across Europe faster than you can say Agenda 2030. It’s all part of the Great Reset and it will make its way to America one day real soon.

A blatant case of farmercide

First you kill all the farmers, then the rest of the riff raff will starve to death as the food runs out. The population will be down to that number which was once etched on the Georgia Guidestones in no time. The European banking families are no longer keeping anything a secret.

They can commit farmercide right out in the open and get away with it cold. The network media knows that and it’s the reason they don’t bother covering any of the nasty controversy. Things like burning haybales in protest to keep trucks from hauling food from warehouses to grocery stores.

The Dutch farmers are trying to get their progressive liberal leaders to admit the farmercide policy is a blatant bid to kill off the entire industry, if not the actual farmers themselves. By backing down now, the government can keep people from really starving later.

Half of Europe depends on the Netherlands for survival. Mark Rutte wants to import Dutch food from now on, instead of exporting it. The only problem is there is no place to import it from. It only adds up to one answer. Dead farmers. After that, dead humans in general. That’s one way to save “the planet.

In June, the Dutch leaders unleashed their nitrogen emission reduction plan on the world. They freely admit that in order to meet their goal, they need to reduce farmers as well. At least half of them. The farmercide starts with chasing them off the land and taking away their means to make a living.

Then, they bring in migrants to live in houses they’re about to build on the newly liberated farmland. Those migrants will then starve in energy efficient homes. Unless they want to eat bugs. Get your Bill Gates approved cattlebug livestock breeding kit today. Hurry, supplies are running out.

Not very rational

It becomes crystal clear that the NWO agenda is farmercide from the beginning, under the guise of reducing global warming gasses. First off, nobody considers the contributions from vehicles or industry on the emissions load. Second, when you consider the output of production, Dutch farmers are greener than most to start with.

It’s only by a stealthy picking and choosing of the data points that climate scientists can point the finger at Dutch farmers. Telling the whole story behind the data reveals the shocking truth.

It is not very rational to curb the Dutch agriculture if you realize that they have the highest production per acre in the world and therefore the environmental load per kilogram of food is lower than elsewhere,” Simon Rozendaal, a Dutch journalist and chemist, explains.


Dutch agriculture is a benefit for climate as well as biodiversity.” The European Banking families are simply out to commit farmercide as part of their global agenda. Cull the human herd down to the minimum number required for the elite to live in comfort. The rest of the planet can then return to the wild.

According to Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek, “this is literally communism. If the state says, ‘we are going to take your private property away for the sake of a greater good,’ then the state has the prerogative to create crises to strip you of your rights. That’s what’s happening here.

Another way to look at it is farmercide. “This will definitely affect ordinary civilians. It’s part of a global agenda, so everyone around the world, especially Western countries, should be aware that this is something that is not just about the Dutch government. This is part of the ‘2030 agenda,’ this is part of the ‘great reset.’

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