Lying Adam Schiff Just Got Busted, and CNN was Involved

Lying Rep. Adam Schiff has a hard time going too long without making false accusations against President Donald Trump. Schiff Lying... Again! He decided now would be a good time to falsely claim on CNN’s State...

Police Respond to Home Invasion, Gunfire ERUPTS as Officers are Ambushed

Two men have been arrested in connection to shooting at several police officers after they respond to a home invasion. Police Fight for their Lives On August 23, officers responded to reports of a robbery or...

Kyle Rittenhouse Being Made An Example of…Served With a Stack of Felonies

As violent rioters continue to destroy areas across the country, a teenager who tried to restore order, Kyle Rittenhouse, was arrested and has several felony charges stacking up against him. Riots Keep Destroying Society During riots...

Breaking News Update: Multiple Bomb Threats…Evacuations Under Way

  Developing story underway  According to Dane County Sheriffs Office, There is a credible bomb threat directed at the Kwik Trip near the corner of Middle Point and Pioneer Roads. Evacuations have been ordered for residents...
RNC Convention

Liberal Media is Dead Set on Bashing The RNC Convention…Here is the TRUTH They...

The first night of the RNC was reported by some outlets as having far more viewers than the DNC, and by others as having far less. The contradictory stories have left many readers confused. Television...

Politician Caught With Nearly 300,000 Child Pornography Images

A disgraced politician, former Labour Party councilor was caught with 290,000 images of children obtained from an illegal online chat network. Politician Caught Red Handed 50-year-old Roger Spackman was arrested in 2018 while he was serving...

Wisconsin Turns into a War Zone, Shots Ring Out…State of Emergency Issued

Another round of violent riots broke out Sunday night where dozens of armed rioters took over the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Wisconsin Erupts in Violence Police officers shot an individual when they were responding to a...

Video: Black Militia Group Plans Leaked…Now We Know

The leader of the ever violent Black militia has unleashed their plans to be in Louisville on Derby Day to incite unrest. Militia Group Gets Ready to Hit the Streets Again A video was posted on...

Young Christian Criticizes BLM, Then She Gets a RUDE Awakening

As fake Christian organizations continue to pander the Black Lives Matter mob, one young Christian has been expelled from Texas Christian University for stating her opinions of TikTok. Christian Gets Bullied for Speaking Truth Ashleigh Brock...