Rioters Destroy More of America’s History, This Time They Tear Down Famous Presidential Statue

Across the United States, rioters have left carnage in their wake, which has included the defacement of historical monuments and statues. A group of destructive rioters gathered Sunday evening in front of Jefferson High School...

Large Corporations Yank Their Ads From Tucker, Then a Patriotic Company Breaks Silence

Tucker Carlson has been a liberal punching bag over the years by infuriating the left with his brazen commentaries, but his recent comments about Black Lives Matter has caused a frenzy. This week has been...

Trump Makes it Clear…We Will NOT Be Erasing Our American History

The Senate Armed Services Committee passed an amendment to erase history, but President Trump says he will veto.  The amendment would require the Defense Department to change the names of military bases if named after...

Mayor Strips 2a Rights Amidst Chaos

Mayor Keith James of West Palm Beach enacted a 72-hour State of Local Emergency that stripped constitutional rights by including a ban on gun and ammunition sales in the Florida city. The declaration, which first...

Top Italian Doctor Gives SHOCKING Statement About Covid

According to a top Italian doctor, Covid-19 is now losing its potency and has become significantly less deadly. "In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy," Alberto Zangrillo said on Sunday. He is...

Colorado Lawmakers Crumble to Rioters and Protesters

In Colorado, Democrats hold the majority at every level: House, Senate, and Governorship. So it is really no surprise that this state's lawmakers are folding to rioters' demands. Democrats Push Police Bill  On Wednesday afternoon, Senate...

Trump and Barr Walk Out Unscathed

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr visited the partially burned historic St. John Episcopal Church on Monday. Trump's Team Takes Charge  The Washington, D.C., located church was set on fire a day earlier by...

Democrat’s Son Openly Supports Antifa

Democrat Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison's son came out in support of Antifa on Sunday, just after President Trump labeled it a "Terrorist Organization." The Democrat's son, Jeremiah Ellison holds a position on the Minneapolis...

No Lockdown: The Shocking Data From Japan

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared Monday that he was ending the state of emergency related to the coronavirus. "I have decided to end the state of emergency across the nation," Abe said during a...

Black Lives Matter Signs Replaced With Molotov Cocktails in Third Night of Destruction…Police Station...

Things are getting medieval in Minneapolis, as Black Lives Matter signs were replaced by Molotov cocktails on Thursday night. Agitated into action by professional instigators, an organized force of well prepared rabble - armed...