blm activist cori bush congresswoman missouri

Trouble: Radical BLM Member Lands Powerful Seat in Red State

Another radical Left-wing activist has won a seat in Congress. Cori Bush is an outspoken BLM member who won 84% of the vote in Missouri’s 1st district. She is the state’s first black Congresswoman. BLM...

Postal Service Whistleblower Emerges, Exposes Higher Ups Involved in Voter FRAUD

Thanks to the investigative journalism of James O’Keefe from Project Veritas and a postal service whistleblower, the Office of the Inspector General for the USPS is investigating higher-ups who are involved in voter fraud. Whistleblower...
Donald Trump Hollywood Star Vandelized

Hollywood Crime the MSM is Refusing to Report on

President Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized, again. The same lunatic has been arrested for damaging the star in the past. It’s election day and Trump Derangement Syndrome is...

Trump SURGING in Battleground State

The 2020 presidential election is here and top battleground states are looking promising for President Donald Trump. Iowa Sees Support for Trump One state in particular that President Trump has seen a surge in is Iowa....

GOP Member’s Home Attacked By Communist Supporters

The home of Republican candidate Sean Parnell was viciously attacked by communist sympathizers Saturday night. The lawless vandals spray painted Black Lives Matter slogans and a Soviet style hammer and sickle across his garage...

CIA Official Issues GRAVE WARNING: Liberals’ Plans For Election Day!

A retired CIA officer warns that the liberals’ plans for election day and the direction of our country are more sinister than most can imagine. BLM and Antifa Take Over In an article written in Revolver...

Chris Wallace Makes Shocking Joe Biden Announcement

Chris Wallace came under fire from Republicans after he moderated the first presidential debate where he sided with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Registered Democrat Shows His Bias Wallace is a registered Democrat so many conservatives...

12 Year Old Boy and Tour Guide Dismembered During Freak Attack

A 12-year-old boy and a tour guide from Ukraine were attacked by a shark while on vacation in Egypt and ended up losing an arm and leg respectively. Boy, Mom and Tour Guide Attacked On Sunday...

Goldman Sachs Charged in HUGE Case

The managing director of the prominent global financial institution, Goldman Sachs, pleaded guilty to conspiring to launder money. Goldman Sachs Branch in Hot Water The former Southeast Asia chairman, Tim Leissner, was responsible for managing the...

Video: Black Militia Group Plans Leaked…Now We Know

The leader of the ever violent Black militia has unleashed their plans to be in Louisville on Derby Day to incite unrest. Militia Group Gets Ready to Hit the Streets Again A video was posted on...