Military Planned to Arrest the President For Treason!

military planned

In Case you missed this valuable information that the MSM decided to snuff out of existence…The past few years have seen a rise of violence and unrest in France. The cause of this is mainly attributed to the policies that President Emmanuel Macron has implemented.

There are reports of several senior military officers that the French army is prepared to take control of the government if necessary, as they believe Macron has failed to maintain order in his country.

Additionally, General Pierre de Villiers, a former chief of the Armed Forces of France, has also expressed his disapproval with Macron’s globalist policies and failure to quell riots.

It seems that since coming into power, President Emmanuel Macron has been faced with one issue after another.

His decision earlier this year to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 was met with widespread criticism from citizens who felt it was unfair for them to be forced into working longer than they had anticipated or planned for themselves.

This decision led to a political crisis which sparked further protests throughout the nation known as ‘Yellow Jackets’ (Gilets Jaunes). Moreover, even during his first term he faced other difficulties such as terrorism threats and now more recently due to COVID-19 pandemic which once again brought forth public outcry against him.

Unfortunately it appears these problems have not been adequately addressed by Macron or other government officials leading people feeling ignored by their leaders.

Bruno Cautres, politics researcher with Sciences Po institute said “It’s as if France was a pressure cooker, each crisis reveals tensions, a conflict in society, tensions over the respect owed to our institutions … Our country is constantly invoking Republican values, but it appears entire segments of the population don’t feel these matter to them.”

Despite repeated warnings from senior officers that action must be taken quickly or else military intervention could occur very soon – no immediate solution has been found yet nor confirmed whether the ultimatum issued is real or propaganda.

Reports claim many rioters have armed themselves with automatic weapons making matters worse yet still no sign from authorities on how they intend address the situation peacefully without resorting violence.

As tensions continue to rise between citizens and authorities it looks like martial law might become imminent unless something changes soon – leaving many wondering whether this will spell disaster for both France and Europe at large.

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