Kyle Rittenhouse Being Made An Example of…Served With a Stack of Felonies

As violent rioters continue to destroy areas across the country, a teenager who tried to restore order, Kyle Rittenhouse, was arrested and has several felony charges stacking up against him. Riots Keep Destroying Society During riots...

Politician Caught With Nearly 300,000 Child Pornography Images

A disgraced politician, former Labour Party councilor was caught with 290,000 images of children obtained from an illegal online chat network. Politician Caught Red Handed 50-year-old Roger Spackman was arrested in 2018 while he was serving...

Young Christian Criticizes BLM, Then She Gets a RUDE Awakening

As fake Christian organizations continue to pander the Black Lives Matter mob, one young Christian has been expelled from Texas Christian University for stating her opinions of TikTok. Christian Gets Bullied for Speaking Truth Ashleigh Brock...

Susan Rice Goes Full Crazy With Conspiracy Theory on TV

Former national security adviser under the Obama administration, Susan Rice, went off on a completely unfounded conspiracy theory regarding President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rice Goes Full-On Conspiracy In a July 29 interview with...

Lunatic Neighbor Rushes 5yr Old Boy Playing Outside, Executes Child

A man reportedly came up to a young child who was innocently playing in a neighborhood, held a gun to his head and shot him. Black Man Shoots White Boy Darius N. Sessoms, 25, was arrested...

Schools Now Being ORDERED to Fly BLM Flags

A shocking unanimous vote by the Vermont Essex Westford School District Board concluded that a Black Lives Matter (BLM) flag be flown at each of its schools for the 2020-2021 school year. BLM Propaganda Now...

Russia Ukraine Hoax is Still On, Democrats Now Targeting Devin Nunes

Democrats have suddenly become convinced that Devin Nunes is in the middle of a secret plot to help Ukraine destroy Joe Biden ahead of the election. Still holding on to their dashed hopes of...

Feds Drop the Hammer on Democrat Senator, Now She is Facing 20 Years

The FBI dropped both the hammer and the anvil on Tennessee State Democrat Senator Katrina Robinson. Her champagne wishes and caviar dreams came to an abrupt end Wednesday as she was dragged away in...

Nancy Cashes in Like a Fat Rat With Insider Trading Scheme

Nasty Nancy Pelosi and her slippery stock-trading husband, Paul Pelosi, are set like two fat rats from the profit they made on paper with inside knowledge that soon everyone would be relying on home...