Black House

Watch: Protesters Outside of the White House Test Their Boundaries…Begin Staging ‘Black House Autonomous...

Antifa's Black House Autonomous Zone takes sleeping on the White House lawn to a whole new level. Protests are no longer peaceful when they involve staging the desecration of historic churches and toppling monuments....

Trump Rallies Catholics In Holy War on ‘Anti-Church’

The true believers within the Catholic Church are rallying behind President Donald Trump in his "holy war" against the "children of darkness." A recent letter penned by Archbishop Carlo Vigano has the forces of...

Watch: Absolutely Hilarious Video Shows ‘All the Wonderful Things Communism Has to Offer’ In...

Radical anarchists lovingly call their new kingdom "CHAZ." Benny Johnson from Turning Point USA made a hilariously satirical tourism video that highlights "all the wonderful things that communism has to offer" in Seattle's Capitol...

The Deep State’s a Big Fan of the Boogaloo Boys

The Deep State seems to be a huge fan of the "Boogaloo Boys." A pair of far-right extremists were hoping to spark Helter Skelter. They "planned to use the George Floyd protests in Oakland...

The NWO Propaganda Machine is Hard at Work to Remove Your Way of Life

George Soros and his beloved New World Order are hard at work, trying to end the American way of life. Globalists have the propaganda machine running at full speed and the "open societies" are...
Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan Makes Astonishing Admission, Ushers Bold Move Against Deep State

Jim Jordan astonishingly admitted what's on republican minds, in a letter to every single one of his House colleagues. "The President is right." We need to freeze FISA until we can "determine how and...

Big Brother is Watching…Boogaloo Members Face Charges After Fatal Drive By Shooting

Two members of the so called "anti-government" Boogaloo movement were charged in the May 29 drive-by shooting death of a guard at the Federal Courthouse in Oakland, California. One of the men, 32-year-old Steven...

AG Barr Stuns Everyone, Makes Shocking Bolton Announcement

Attorney General William Barr stunned everyone, but most especially liberal democrats, when he warned former National Security Advisor John Bolton that releasing his controversial book could land him in jail and he announced that...

Newsom Just Got Shut Down By Court System After Severely Abusing His Power

Gavin Newsom got spanked by a judge for severely abusing his powers as the state's executive administrator. Superior Court Judge Perry Parker in Sutter County granted the restraining order sought by a pair of...

Rioters Destroy More of America’s History, This Time They Tear Down Famous Presidential Statue

Across the United States, rioters have left carnage in their wake, which has included the defacement of historical monuments and statues. A group of destructive rioters gathered Sunday evening in front of Jefferson High School...