China Retaliates Against the United States

It wasn’t until President Donald Trump took office that China’s parasitic ties to the United States were severed and fairer trade between the two powerful counties was accomplished. China Severing Ties with MIT Program After the...

Biden Vows to Hike Taxes on ‘Day One’ if Elected

One of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s promises to the American people is that he will raise taxes on corporations on “day one” of his presidency. Biden Makes Sinister Announcement "I'd make the changes on the...

Police Chief Answers the Door, Violently Attacked With Icepick

Chief Franco Fuda heard a knock. As he swung his front door open, the man he confronted calmly declared "You’re going to die today," and plunged an icepick into Fuda's face narrowly missing his...

GOP Members Finally Move to Oust Nancy for Good

Rep. Andy Biggs is urging GOP House leaders to support a motion to remove Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. GOP Member Goes After Corrupt Pelosi The Arizona Republican brought up the fact that Pelosi referred to...

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Goes HAM, Shuts Down Liberal Talking Heads in One of Her...

The co-hosts of the view are notorious for being hateful women intent on trashing President Donald Trump as much as possible and Sarah Sanders is speaking out. Sanders Slams the Trump-Hating Show Fox News contributor Sarah...

DOE To Investigate School Brainwashing with National Security Implications

Progressive educators went too far when they embraced the New World Order view of history and decided on a new brainwashing cycle for young Americans to install dangerously misleading mental programming. They also tried...
Joe Biden

Biden Collapse… It’s Over!

His campaign is falling apart.
Joe Biden Threatens Veteran

Joe Biden Threatens Air Force Veteran

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