The Facebook Search That Will Make You Want to Vomit

Facebook recently banned a search term after extensive backlash and reporting of the search results. But, it took them a lot longer than outraged Facebook users expected. 'Bagets', a Filipino word meaning teenager or tween,...
Steve Sinclair, the man who committed the hate crime

THIS is The Hate Crime You Wont See on Your TV

A black man was arrested in Aurora, Colorado and is facing charges for a hate crime, and attempted murder after stabbing a white man walking down the street. The arrest affidavit said that Steve Sinclair,...
Mail-in ballots

Democrat Insider Breaks Silence, Leaks Exactly How They Plan to Steal the Elections

An anonymous Democrat operative has come forward to tell the inside story of voter fraud that he has committed for years. An exclusive report by Jon Levine of the New York Post has given details into...
Elon Musk speaking about the implant

Elon Musk: We Just Implanted a Chip in Pig’s Brain…and It WORKS!

Elon Musk has successfully implanted his Neuralink, which sends electronic signals to increase brain activity, into a pig's brain. Musk is a South-African born American entrepreneur who founded Tesla, SpaceX, and co-founded PayPal. His newest...
NBA logo

NBA Superstar Found Dead

A longtime NBA player and guest on 'Survivor' was found dead at 53 years old the morning of August 29th. No cause of death has been released as of yet. Cliff Robinson had suffered a...

Kyle Rittenhouse Being Made An Example of…Served With a Stack of Felonies

As violent rioters continue to destroy areas across the country, a teenager who tried to restore order, Kyle Rittenhouse, was arrested and has several felony charges stacking up against him. Riots Keep Destroying Society During riots...
CNN chyron: "Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests"

THIS Shows Just How Dishonest CNN Has Become

CNN is once again under fire for a chyron on one of their news segments. A CNN reporter is standing in front of a burning car lot, while the words underneath him read "Fiery...
Jacob Blake's mother speaking to Don Lemon on CNN

CNN Hosts Jacob Blake’s Mother… Then She Obliterates Entire Liberal Narrative

Jacob Blake's mother appeared on CNN, denouncing the rioting and looting in her son's name, and apologizing to President Trump. "My family and I are very hurt and quite frankly disgusted. And as his mother,...
Governor Cuomo gives a pass to elites like VMA host Keke Palmer

Double Standard: Elites Get a Pass on Stringent Rules In Democrat Dumpster Fire

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York recently added an exception to the mandatory quarantine period for travelers: the elite VMA attendees. Although the CDC's COVID-19 guidelines no longer recommend a 14-day quarantine after travel, Governor...

RINO Alert: Absolutely Terrified of Deplorables, Cries Out Grasping for Straws

Renegade RINO Martha McSally is finally waking up to the reality that she's a reject, and she's absolutely terrified that "some supporters of President Donald Trump may not vote for her." The GOP knows...