George Stephanopoulos Wife Says ‘Parents Should Watch Porn With Their Kids’

Liberal Democrats inhabit a bizarre world. Actress Ali Wentworth just made a statement so controversial that heads are spinning. From the Clintons, to Jeffrey Epstein, to Ed Buck, everybody knows that Democrats tend to...
Alex Trebek

Alex Trebek Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

If you have been around a TV in the past thirty-six years, you are no stranger to Alex Trebek, host of the game show Jeopardy!. His mustache, deep booming, yet calming voice,...

Watch: Road Worker Sign Strategically Located in Commieland Goes Viral

A construction sign was put along a road in a California area on Sunday with a flashing message saying, “Do not slow for protesters” is gaining both positive and negative reactions. The Sign Says It...

Fox News Strikes AGAIN…Fires Another Big Name Conservative

Another top Fox News anchor was fired on Wednesday over a sexual harassment complaint that allegedly happened many years ago. After an investigation from an independent firm, Ed Henry, a notable co-anchor on “America’s Newsroom,"...

Large Corporations Yank Their Ads From Tucker, Then a Patriotic Company Breaks Silence

Tucker Carlson has been a liberal punching bag over the years by infuriating the left with his brazen commentaries, but his recent comments about Black Lives Matter has caused a frenzy. This week has been...

Mayor Strips 2a Rights Amidst Chaos

Mayor Keith James of West Palm Beach enacted a 72-hour State of Local Emergency that stripped constitutional rights by including a ban on gun and ammunition sales in the Florida city. The declaration, which first...

Video: Jerry Nadler Pulls Hilarious Clown Act…We Can’t Stop Laughing

New York Representative Jerold Nadler couldn't help showing America exactly why everyone keeps depicting him in clown shoes on their internet memes. As Daily Caller relates, this "might be the most relatable coronavirus moment...

Top Italian Doctor Gives SHOCKING Statement About Covid

According to a top Italian doctor, Covid-19 is now losing its potency and has become significantly less deadly. "In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy," Alberto Zangrillo said on Sunday. He is...

Colorado Lawmakers Crumble to Rioters and Protesters

In Colorado, Democrats hold the majority at every level: House, Senate, and Governorship. So it is really no surprise that this state's lawmakers are folding to rioters' demands. Democrats Push Police Bill  On Wednesday afternoon, Senate...

Gunfire Rings Out at Pro Trump Event

Gunfire rings out at a pro-Trump event inside a Republican office in Arizona last week. This event was buried amid the uncontrollable riots occurring after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As protests...